Sunday, October 3, 2010

Stream of Consciousness

I am 25 weeks pregnant this week.
With a baby boy.
Which I'm really really excited about.
I can't wait to meet him.
His name changes nearly every day.
Hopefully it won't change every other day after he's born.
Yesterday, after I assured a stranger that I was not actually due until January, his eyes bulged as he looked at my belly, and asked if it was twins. I lied. And said yes. Cause I wanted him to go away.


Queen S is in grade 1.
She is a very diligent student, her teacher says.
This doesn't surprise me.
A boy in her class asked ME if he could marry her.
This did surprise me.
Although it shouldn't have.
She's a catch.
And the boys already know it.
I may home school her. ;)


Princess B is in kindergarten.
Her teacher believes she's a genius.
That makes me smile.
B still talks about the "humans" as though she is not one.
That also makes me smile.
She woke up this morning and told me she was happy because her cough was gone.
Then she puked in the bathroom sink.
That does not make me smile.
Poor baby.


Prince L is 2 years, 3 months and 6 days.
He loves trains.
I hate the Thomas the Train TV show.
He's never seen it. So far.
He is such a little lover.
Much more affectionate than either of my girls were at this age.
I told him the other day as we were driving that I really like the moon in the day time.
He looked at me, knit his eyebrows together, and nodded like he sincerely cared, and said "OK."
He may actually think I am nuts.


Daddy G is a good Daddy.
He reads the girls Jesus stories before bed.
And they ask him really deep questions.
I like to listen in, when he doesn't know I'm there.
His answers are always better than mine would be.
He actually teaches me most of the time too.
I love this man.
He's a really good husband.
He rubs my back or my feet every night.
With lotion.
It is bliss.
I don't think he *loves* doing it.
But he does it anyways.
Because he know I do love it.
And that makes me adore him even more.


I guess that's mostly what's on my mind.
These lovely people who are mine.
Oh, that and I think I'll boycott dinner tonight, and just make Eggo waffles.



Mama4Real said...

Ironman did the "human" thing for a LONG time. "When I'm a human I'm going to..." I was actually worried people would think that we told him he wasn't human!

Beautiful pics.

I've been thinking about and missing you a lot lately. Too much distance, physical and cyber. I feel like Meg Ryan writing to the dear void.

Goodnight dear void. Except your not a void.

The Yee's said...

What a great post! Your family is lovely!!! Wish I could see them all again!! Maybe one day we'll have a McDonald's lunch date again!!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful family. Beautiful belly. and totally INSANE people if they think YOUR belly is big !.... seriously! ..... nice to read an update from U ! ..... Ive missd u in bloggie world ! eggos are the bosss!