Friday, March 4, 2011

Who Sucks?

Ok, lurking smart mommas out there...time to reveal yourselves and all your wisdom, cause this momma needs some advice!

See that super cute pic at the top of my cartoon family (done by Cara at Sweet Memory Graphics...go get one! ;)) ....well would ya look at the newest teeny addition? Adorable..and the best part is, he's suckin a paci.


How do I get my NON cartoon boy to suck a paci??

I know that there are lots of opinions out there about paci sucking...I don't want those. I've decided already to try my darndest to get Little K to suck one, but since NONE of my other 3 babes would, it's either a genetic thing, or their mother doesn't know the secret to sucking. Probably the later. SO!!


If you have or have had a paci sucking baby...
What brand worked for you?
What age did you first offer it?
And is there some secret method to making him like it?

I'm very proud of my cartoon son for mastering this so quickly, and have no doubt, with a little help from you, my Little K will be a paci sucker in no time. ;)