Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I've heard that it's been going around. And I had suspicions that it might have snuck in an open window yesterday. A dreamless night and a full inbox later, I'm sure of it. I have caught Randomitis. (Ran-dum-eye-tiss) Generally, it only lasts from 1-3 days, with it's severe symptoms being talking/blogging/photographing non stop about completely random things that seem to have no connection to the common onlooker. It also brings with it intense cravings that can only be diffused by an incomprehensible consumption of chocolate....and worms, graham wafers and Fugee-o's. (The Randomitis made me do it!)

Now that you understand, feel free to send me sympathy cards exploding with help with treatment, of course.

To show you how badly I have it, here is your

Window Wednesday Random Edition: (There is no method whatsoever as to why these pictures go together...cause they just don't. Where's my Fugee-o's?)

It's not a red ninja with leprosy, it's SUPPOSE to be a ladybug.
My perdy spring tulips that my husband bought for me. (Read: I bought them at the grocery store and thanked him when I got home.)

A succession of Princess B's paparazzi attack:


100 pictures later, "Ok, Mom, no more...putting on the shades."

"I MEAN it. I'm not looking at you."

Queen S's family portrait. (Left to right: L,B,Momma,S,DaddyG)

Just practicing for when he's older. All he needs is a newspaper across his lap and the football game on in the background, and he's got it down.

Queen S's first time skating. She was a pro.

This is how she started, with Teacher Sandra leading the way.

Queen S's impromptu shish-kebab, consisting of a birthday candle and snap peas.

I LOVE this picture Queen S did yesterday. In the sky are 2 angels, Jesus, and baby sister Lily who is in Heaven. Queen S drew herself standing outside on a stool, "so she could see them better." My heart just melted. She's such a sensitive gem!

Monday, February 23, 2009



It's been a while since confession time. So you *might* think that I'd have a PILE more NMM material for you...but...much to your dismay, and since I am pretty much the perfect mother *ahem*, I only have the usual number of shockingly surprising events that most certainly did NOT happen in/at/near/around my house/van/shopping mall/restaurant.

Everyone know what melty beads are? That's apparently what they call them now. When I was growing up, we called them Hanna beads, or maybe it was hemma, or hamma...I dunno, but you know the ones....they start like this:

Then you add a piece of wax paper and a scorching hot iron, and you get this. Complete with eyeball.

Ok, so you might have to add the googly eyes, but all the same, it's super easy. Well, unless you have a 3 year old, particularly one named Princess B. I did not lose count of how many times I had to reset up the little bead tray and all the beads after they were bumped/knocked/swiped off the table. I did not give up trying to inform said 3 year old that beads go beside each other, not on top of each other like a tower. (Makes it a wee bit complicated to iron that way, that's all.) And finally after noticing a rather grimacing face on my darling, I did not have to evacuate, with tweezers, a stowaway bead that I'm sure was begrudgingly shoved up a boogered nostril. Oh blessed joy of joys!

Queen S, as you know, celebrated her big numero 5 this month. One of the gifts she received was a mini shopping spree at Old Navy to pick out a few dresses she liked. So, one Saturday, just Momma and S, hopped in the van and ventured out to get some retail therapy. Well, b/c I am such an attentive Mommy at all times, I was not on my phone while S ran wild picking out her new wardrobe. And because I was not on the phone, I would have noticed that she did not chose mostly maternity shirts that she thought were BEAUTIFUL dresses to try on. I was not totally preoccupied as I meandered back to the dressing room with my 5 year olds arms full of maternity shirts, and certainly did not see a very confused clerk show us to a room. I did not nearly choke on my gum when she opened the dressing room door to an audience of onlookers and twirled like a princess in front of the mirror in her first "dress". (And I certainly did not laugh it off in front of them all, implying that of course I KNEW, and fully approved of my child trying on maternity clothes in a packed out dressing room lined with impatient patrons.) None of this happened. Because I always pay attention. And would not get lost in an adult conversation. Cause those are boring. And I have them all the time. Ok, my nose has grown till it hit the computer screen, time to stop.

After I was done my grocery shop, since Queen S had been such a big helper, I thought it might be a nice reward to take her to the exotic aquarium store. Since she is in the firstborn role, it shouldn't have surprised me to see her mothering side start to shine. I guess I just imagined her showing her matronly skills to, perhaps, a doll. But when I turned away from the shark display, I certainly did not see her with her shirt lifted up to her neck and her entire chest squashed against the glass of the baby clown fish tank, "just in case the baby Nemo's were hungry."


Monday, February 16, 2009


Yes, it's true. It seems that the last couple of NMM editions have buried themselves in the back of my infamous black hole of a storage room. I assume, never to be seen again. So, today, being "the day after" (the big ladybug party), we have chosen to have a lazy Monday. This will involve staying in our jammas nearly all day, doing quiet activities like puzzles and playdough and coloring, playing in the new sand/water table, and NOT consuming anything that has even a remote amount of sugar in it.

Today, while Queen S was dressing up her paper dolls, she made a comment which got my attention rather quickly. She stated as-mater-of-factly, "I am going to be a real Mom very soon." Excuse me? Was this her idea of dropping her pregnancy announcement on the "soon-to-be" Grandma? I decided to ask her what precisely that be a real Mom...and she replied with what appeared to be a very well thought out list of reasons to pursue motherhood.

  • "Well, first, I have to get married (yep, raised her right) Daddy." (Hmm, maybe not.)
  • "Then I'll drink pop. "(Ahhh! The forbiddden fruit in our house.)
  • "Then, since I'm a Mommy (which so far has nothing to do with childbearing whatsoever), I will stay up very very late, like 9 o'clock, and talk on my phone to the mail-lady. "(I have NO clue who that might be)
  • "And then I will take my kids shopping (ahh, there are the kids), and I will buy them chocolate eggs because they have perfect behavior." (HA! I am peeing my pants now, just WAITING for the next reason to become a mother.)
  • "And if I'm a Mom, then I'll get an earring in my nose." (Payback's a %*&*, hey Mom? At least I waited till 19 to drop THAT one on YOU!)
Looks so innocent, doesn't she? Oh, but she's got plans!


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Hello Sleepy, and I'm not talking the 7th dwarf.

There are few things in life a mother of a new babe craves more than sleep. The little Mr. who stole my heart precisely 7 months and 16 days ago, has ALSO kept me pretty much in the wakeful world for just as long. So, when the opportunity came for me to go away to a Ladies Retreat with my you think I was asking what was on the menu? Or maybe who the guest speaker was? Or possibly what activities were on the agenda. No. The one and only question in my head was, were the sheets 200 count Egyptian cotton? Cause GIRLS, you can be SURE that THAT was where I was going to spend the bulk of that weekend! And I did! This past weekend was a dream...literally. Out of the 48 hours away, I spent approx 30 of them in bed. Come look through these windows of 48 hours away from any form of responsibility! ;)

ANY good trip MUST begin with this:


After signing in, there was one thing I HAD to do immediately...this was the first time this occurred without a child involved in 5 years. I'm not even kidding. Oh sweet bliss. (Slightly censored for scantily clad bountifulness.)

4 women who were putting their much deserved feet up! (Can you guess which one is me?)

Our beautiful foggy, SILENT getaway, deep in the woods of Washington.

The crock pots cooking away while we socialized. That room smelled SO good by the time the food was done. Did you know you can make a CAKE in a crock pot? Now that's MY kind of recipe!

Laying down our masks. Time to get real people! (Part of a session on inner beauty.)

The Amazing Race BEST team ever..even though we came in 2nd...yes, I AM demanding a recount...The Bathing Beauties!

And as we recap...the #1 reason I jumped on the bus to the woods....
Ahhhhh, 30+ hours of this.
So, when can I sign up for the next retreat??!!

Friday, February 6, 2009

5 years ago...

FEB 6, 2004

(Written by BFF)

Your mom and I arrived around 8am to the hospital. It's now 9 and you are 2-3 cm, and you look very confident and strong, even though you have been laboring for 21 hours already! You just spent about 45 mins in the shower. I told you stories (at your request). Daddy G and your mom went to the cafeteria for some breakfast. You are doing AMAZING. G just got back and you are hugging now. Aww. you have decided to walk the halls some more. In the last 15 mins. you have had 4 contractions. You keep saying they are in your bum. Haha. :) They are much stronger. You just threw up during that last one. The nurse is coming to check you...grrr..still 3 cm. The contractions are very painful and the nurse has layed you down so you can rest and they are going to call Dr.M.

Dr.M should come sometime after lunch to hopefully break your water. They have put the drip on to induce stronger labor. Contractions are now 3-4 mins apart and you got sick again cause they are so strong. You wanted OUT of that bed, and are now sitting in the lazy boy chair with a cold cloth on your head.

My guess for when baby comes is 4:19.
G says 2:55
Gramma thinks 5:30

G and I just got back from eating. Upon return, I heard the nurse talking to you about an epidural.

Lord, we pray that you would bring peace and that you would cause the baby and Becky's body to do what it needs to do.

The nurse will examine you soon and hopefully you have dilated...Lord PLEASE!!!

You are in the shower again and G is with you. I overheard the nurses say that Dr M is on his way and will assess where you are at. Hopefully - Lord - the baby will be in the right position and we can get this party on!

Baby, hurry up! Mamma is looking so tired!

Dr M came and broke your water. You said it's the coolest feeling you've ever had. Your contrax are strong and consistent. Dr just checked and you are EIGHT CM!!!!! WOO HOO!!

You just got your epidural after 28 long hours. AHHHHHH---FEEELS GOOOOOD!!!

Baby will be here VERY soon! You have a BIG smile on your face and are singing to a Christina Aguilara song. Daddy G and Dr M are talking Mac computers...OF COURSE! Haha.

Gramma predicts it's a BOY and thinks it should be named Joshua.
Dr M and I are thinking GIRL, so we shall seeeeeee...
G is leaning towards GIRL
And you know it's a BOY...haha, you have no clue really.

Epidural is dialing down, you are in a LOT of pain again. Epi Dr. can't come to top you up. Cause...YOU ARE FULLY DILATED!!! YYYAAAYYY!!

You are pushing..
You look so tired but you are doing SO WELL
You are pushing...

A healthy healthy healthy baby girl!!!
BORN: 7:46 pm FEB. 6/2004
8 lbs 3 oz
19 inches!


You are my shining light, and I absolutely adore you my sweet gift from Heaven! Hugs and slobbery smoochies!!
Your Momma

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Stars and buckets and chunks, OH MY!

Just know this: you are loved.

Because you are my chocolates, and I adore you all, I have a couple of tidbits for you, to curb your cravings. ;)

Let me tell you in pictures what these last 3 days and nights have been like at our house:







JUST to add insult to injury, and because I'm PRETTY sure that only women read this blog...let's add in this picture to tie things up nicely.

But...because I adore the fact that you are addicted...ahem...I mean...truly love me, I will not leave you without a moment for life reflection...BAH HA! Who wants THAT? Here...go to
and laugh your hiney off at her most recent post Dribble (yes, complete with pictures, for those of you who like picture books better...don't worry I do too...specially ones with Edward...I digress..) GO. Now. Or don't. And remain comedically challenged. Your call. (Psst..Pick option 1! It's better for your health. And after my last few days, I'm an expert on health...and it's issues...and'm going back to bed.)


Monday, February 2, 2009

Hello, operator?


The customer you have dialed is temporarily away from the phone or out of the service area. Please try again soon.