Friday, February 6, 2009

5 years ago...

FEB 6, 2004

(Written by BFF)

Your mom and I arrived around 8am to the hospital. It's now 9 and you are 2-3 cm, and you look very confident and strong, even though you have been laboring for 21 hours already! You just spent about 45 mins in the shower. I told you stories (at your request). Daddy G and your mom went to the cafeteria for some breakfast. You are doing AMAZING. G just got back and you are hugging now. Aww. you have decided to walk the halls some more. In the last 15 mins. you have had 4 contractions. You keep saying they are in your bum. Haha. :) They are much stronger. You just threw up during that last one. The nurse is coming to check you...grrr..still 3 cm. The contractions are very painful and the nurse has layed you down so you can rest and they are going to call Dr.M.

Dr.M should come sometime after lunch to hopefully break your water. They have put the drip on to induce stronger labor. Contractions are now 3-4 mins apart and you got sick again cause they are so strong. You wanted OUT of that bed, and are now sitting in the lazy boy chair with a cold cloth on your head.

My guess for when baby comes is 4:19.
G says 2:55
Gramma thinks 5:30

G and I just got back from eating. Upon return, I heard the nurse talking to you about an epidural.

Lord, we pray that you would bring peace and that you would cause the baby and Becky's body to do what it needs to do.

The nurse will examine you soon and hopefully you have dilated...Lord PLEASE!!!

You are in the shower again and G is with you. I overheard the nurses say that Dr M is on his way and will assess where you are at. Hopefully - Lord - the baby will be in the right position and we can get this party on!

Baby, hurry up! Mamma is looking so tired!

Dr M came and broke your water. You said it's the coolest feeling you've ever had. Your contrax are strong and consistent. Dr just checked and you are EIGHT CM!!!!! WOO HOO!!

You just got your epidural after 28 long hours. AHHHHHH---FEEELS GOOOOOD!!!

Baby will be here VERY soon! You have a BIG smile on your face and are singing to a Christina Aguilara song. Daddy G and Dr M are talking Mac computers...OF COURSE! Haha.

Gramma predicts it's a BOY and thinks it should be named Joshua.
Dr M and I are thinking GIRL, so we shall seeeeeee...
G is leaning towards GIRL
And you know it's a BOY...haha, you have no clue really.

Epidural is dialing down, you are in a LOT of pain again. Epi Dr. can't come to top you up. Cause...YOU ARE FULLY DILATED!!! YYYAAAYYY!!

You are pushing..
You look so tired but you are doing SO WELL
You are pushing...

A healthy healthy healthy baby girl!!!
BORN: 7:46 pm FEB. 6/2004
8 lbs 3 oz
19 inches!


You are my shining light, and I absolutely adore you my sweet gift from Heaven! Hugs and slobbery smoochies!!
Your Momma


Christy said...

aww Happy Bday S!!

Ashley said...

Happy Birthday to your little princess! Like her Momma, she is just stunning!

Jacalyn said...

Happy birthday S!

krystal said...

wow, becky that post was amazing~! what a great friend to have written that for you! so beautiful. i can't believe she's 5!!!!! i remember you coming into the fun center in scotch creek all those years ago, preggers and glowing. that means mandy's son is going to be 5 too soon! eek! where is the time going?

caseylynne said...

awww Happy birthday S, i know i am a couple days late. but hope you had a good one.

Jenise said...

this made me cry - it was like being there w my Becky Boop!!!
U r amazing! :-)