Monday, February 16, 2009


Yes, it's true. It seems that the last couple of NMM editions have buried themselves in the back of my infamous black hole of a storage room. I assume, never to be seen again. So, today, being "the day after" (the big ladybug party), we have chosen to have a lazy Monday. This will involve staying in our jammas nearly all day, doing quiet activities like puzzles and playdough and coloring, playing in the new sand/water table, and NOT consuming anything that has even a remote amount of sugar in it.

Today, while Queen S was dressing up her paper dolls, she made a comment which got my attention rather quickly. She stated as-mater-of-factly, "I am going to be a real Mom very soon." Excuse me? Was this her idea of dropping her pregnancy announcement on the "soon-to-be" Grandma? I decided to ask her what precisely that be a real Mom...and she replied with what appeared to be a very well thought out list of reasons to pursue motherhood.

  • "Well, first, I have to get married (yep, raised her right) Daddy." (Hmm, maybe not.)
  • "Then I'll drink pop. "(Ahhh! The forbiddden fruit in our house.)
  • "Then, since I'm a Mommy (which so far has nothing to do with childbearing whatsoever), I will stay up very very late, like 9 o'clock, and talk on my phone to the mail-lady. "(I have NO clue who that might be)
  • "And then I will take my kids shopping (ahh, there are the kids), and I will buy them chocolate eggs because they have perfect behavior." (HA! I am peeing my pants now, just WAITING for the next reason to become a mother.)
  • "And if I'm a Mom, then I'll get an earring in my nose." (Payback's a %*&*, hey Mom? At least I waited till 19 to drop THAT one on YOU!)
Looks so innocent, doesn't she? Oh, but she's got plans!



Amanda said...

LOL this one is super cute...I was cracking up over here, DH came and read it and he was cracking up too...Her real mom reason are super cute...You should have her say it and record it for her..for the future lol

Anonymous said...

And THIS is what it's all about.

Renee said...

All Very good reasons to be a Mom! Except that now that I am a mom, I don't want an earing in my nose, and I can't stay up until nine, and my kids would almost never get a chco egg if that was the requirement! Gotta love the stuff that they come up with! A few days ago I sent Lexi to time out, but with in a min or so she was back out crying to me in the kitchen that she couldn't be in time out anymore or she was going to throw up! I was laughing so hard! Good excuse to get out of timeout though ;-)

Anonymous said... granddaughter is just like her Mom...I especially liked the earring in the nose bit!!