Sunday, November 30, 2008

And the weener is...

After reading a few comments and many more email votes, it was a tight race...but....
Congrats with Star - Myspace Glitters

b) "Hope Grandma likes her personalized snow globe!" ~ Miranda

Miranda is now the proud owner of a 15 $ GC to Please Mum Children's Apparel Boutique just in time to put something under her tree for one of her 5 beauties!

Thanks to everyone who participated with ideas and/or votes and keep those eyeballs peeled for another contest coming soon to a momma-blog near you.

Happy Desperate Housewives night to you, see you in the NOT ME morning.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

I know, I know

So guess what? I missed Friday. Again. And this time, I don't have a super cool excuse like going to a NKOTB concert.
I just didn't feel like it.
I think someone sucked the creativity right outta money's on the little elf.
So today, while I go on a treasure hunt to find my enthusiasm...(REALLY hoping it involves 8 hours of sleep)....I will leave you with this....

My fab friend Skyla, who y'all met as a Flygirl a few weeks ago...Pregnant Magenta...even though she's not pregnant...YET....just started up a blog and had this great idea of posting an ooooold diary entry. I thought that was a great, rather brain-strain free idea, so have decided also to scam it! (Do go visit her over at for some honest mommy confession time.)

From my diary at age 16:
Here are the lyrics to one of the first songs I wrote , knowing "oh so much" about love. ;)

To everyone
We were the perfect pair
And everyone
Said we should get married
To everyone
We were gunna change the world

But everyone
Didn't know that you made me cry
And everyone
Didn't know that you always lied
And everyone
They were so blind

And I think I'm happy without you
Am I really happy without you
I am miserable without you

Now everyone has seen the person that you really are
And everyone tells me that I have been so smart
To leave you behind, starting a new chapter of my life
But aren't they the ones who told me two months ago
They were envious of our love and where it would go

What does everyone know
What does anyone know

(OHHHH the teenage angst just drips does it not? :P)

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

WW + best of 3

A Knocked Up Wordless Wednesday
(Warning: may contain slight boobage.)












(Yes, I realize I exposed baby L's real name....Or did I? Hmmmm, maybe that WAS going to be his name, but when he came out, we decided instead on Lenny, or Lou, or Lance, or Lanny...)


And now for the results from the Philipino Photo Caption Intelligence Board:

First of all they say, "Foo yon chi", which translates to, "You all did a flipping amazing job and are freaky creative chiquitas." And after a long week of deliberations, and trading chickens for bribary, the final 3 decisions have been made, and will now be left up to YOU to vote the winner onto the podium. Your contenders are....drumroll please....

a) "Trouble, the pop o matic bubble." ~ Melissa

b) "Hope Grandma likes her personalized snow globe!" ~ Miranda

c) King Daddy G said, "Gee Becky, I asked for a bobble head...not a bubble head...but this will work too!" ~ Cheryl


Ok folks! After you leave a comment (or email telling me how amazing I am :P ....then post your vote of a, b or c...and the winner will be announced on Sunday night. Just in time to mail out the prize on Monday morning! Good Luck participants!! May the Force be with you.

Monday, November 24, 2008

You can't even make this stuff up.


First, a story, to preface this weeks NMM.
I had to do the grocery shop. Not the jug of milk and block of cheese 4 minute shop. The 2 hour 250 dollar shop. I can not honestly, in good conscience, leave all 3 kids with my husband at bedtime. I don't know about YOUR house around bedtime, but it's never my favorite time of day to try and make tired children do anything you say. After the kids are asleep, you can usually find me evacuating sox out of the fish tank and cleaning toothpaste off of various bath toys. I digress...point is, 3 kids alone with hubby at bedtime...not going to happen. So comes my decision...who comes with Mommy? Let's take a look at our candidates.

S: 4.5 years old. Will not ride in the cart anymore. Will pick up any and all stuffed animals in those stupid "middle of the isle" bins. Will want a treat from the bakery at the end of the trip, which will probably be around 10 pm. Will sing loudly down each isle about every product she sees and recognizes. Creative, yes. Annoying, yes.

B: 31 days and counting until she's 3. Will still ride in the cart. You would think this is a good thing...until her arms stretch out like a helicopter and knock down 3 rows of canned corn, beans and tomatoes. She begins asking if we're done yet the moment we walk through the doors. About 30 minutes in, she will have a predicted meltdown, want out of the cart, and subsequently try to strip nek-ed faster than you can try to keep her clothes on.

L: 3 days until he's 5 months. If timed properly, will probably sleep the whole trip. In a bjorn. Breaking my back.

Settled. A broken back it is. And thus began the grocery trip full of NMM material.

There is NO possible way that I ignored my little gut bubbles before I left the house, because I HAD to get this shop done. And no WAY did I get one bottle of shampoo in the cart before I had to ditch it and bolt to the handicap washroom (aka poo palace). Not wanting to wake up my lil man asleep in the baby bjorn, I would NEVER consider actually pulling a "dumb&dumber" bathroom scene WITH him still strapped on me, his legs dangling vulnerably close to the danger zone. (I must admit though, there's a strange sense of accomplishment that overcomes one after relieving oneself with a young infant attached to your front. Not that I would know personally.)

After the aforementioned incident that you will never get me to admit ever happened, I was not so adamant on getting this shop done that I did not book it over to the pharmacy section and down half a bottle of Pepto Bismol right in the middle of the isle. Dripping little pink gooey jewels on baby L's unaware sleeping bald head. With an entire group of pharmacy interns looking on in disbelief. And if anyone tells you that the new cherry flavor tastes better, they are lying. And that's the truth.

When reaching for a bag of bread that happened to be on the top shelf, I did not somewhat slip, and when I caught myself, I did not see the entire contents of said bread fall out of the bag and pile up on the floor. Not wanting to bend down with my sleeping monkey, and seeing no store clerk in proximity, I did not just use my foot to gently kick the pieces of bread under the shelf. I have no guilt for the mold stench that will fill the bakery section next week if this was not noticed.

And finally, after my lil man woke up, I did not jiggle him around a bit too much as I was switching his position to front facing, which didn't result in baby puke all over the frozen peas bin. In between all the bags. Sticky, cold, baby puke peas. I did not actually consider just buying all 20 packages of peas so I wouldn't have to gross out some unlucky 15 year old employee with clean up in isle 6.

Good times. Shall I take the 2 year old next time? If I do, I'll be back with an even longer NMM list from that experience I am SO sure!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

A Flyday type of Sunday

To once again quiz your knowledge of my inner sanctum of girlies. I was so impressed with the guesses last time. You seem to really know your stuff! So check out these hotties and put on your thinking caps. (Can you tell I'm a teacher?) :P Might be YOU on here!! No one is safe from the attack of the Flyday quiz!!!

~This naturally bleached blond beach bombshell resides in the land of barby's and koalas.
~She is mommy to one firecracker lil mini babe, who is a spit image of her Mommy.
~She has a sweet tooth for Tim Hortons timbits and chocolate chip mint ice cream.
~Up until 2 weeks ago, her chest size rivaled my brothers'. HAHAHA, sorry, couldn't help it.
~If I didn't know what she looked like, based on what I know, I'd say she looked like this:

Now, though, she's looking a bit more *ahem* like this:


(Like I said, couldn't resist. :P Love you!!)

~This magnificently loving superwoman lives in the state of Carrie Bradshaw and the SATC girls!
~She recently had baby #4 which evens out the tally at 2 boys and 2 girls.
~She is the most thoughtful, congenial, accepting person who I have even known...she always seems to be able to give just a little more for someone in need.
~Because of the aforementioned characteristic, her house is home to many types of animals ,who without her, would be left in the cold. (Definitely Disney Princess material!!)
~When everyone else is ringing in 2009, she will be looking just like this:


Ginger & Paprika*
~These 2 world changers are homeless, which means they are traveling EVERYWHERE at the moment, but currently are taking up residence in the great kangaroo country. ~Although they are the most fashionable, saucy, beautiful girlies you might meet, they are also the most sincerely dazzling on the inside chiquitas.
~Ginger is an oober talented dancer, and could kill the SYTYCD competition.
~Paprika is about to take the world by storm with her fashion tee collection. ~Princess B and Queen S are like little replicas of these could be because there might be a relation.
~If I didn't know what they looked like, based on what I know, I'd say they looked like this:


~This angelically spirited mamacita lives JUST under my country...except on the other side from me. (Which in my humble opinion is WAY too far away.)
~She is mommy to 4 beautiful babes, and I'm thinking will probably have at least one more.
~She is SO creative, from the projects she does with her kids, to the beautiful blanket and booties she crocheted for baby L.
~She has a very special and unique place in my heart as we both have walked a journey that has resulted in our babies playing in Heaven together. ~If I didn't know what she looked like, based on what I know, I'd say she looked like this:


OK, fine ladies...let the guessing games begin....try to use initials, not full names, if you are guessing in the comment section.

And in lieu of the Barbie hijack...a quote from Queen S yesterday...

"Daddy!! I need you to screw my Barbie!"
(When trying up unscrew a battery cover on the back of a sparkle & shine Barbie Princess)

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Old Kids On The Block?

What a paradox of a night.
It has been a good 15 years since I have seen so much blue eyeshadow, so many Ray Ban sunglasses, and so much fluorescent clothing. All accessorized by the largest multi colored hoop earrings known to man, crimped and backcombed bangs, and enough glow necklaces to start our own dollar store. It was like stepping into a time machine when you passed through those doors, although, under the glitz and get ups...there were a few differences... how even though the lady in front of me was dressed like she was 14, she was constantly flipping open her cell phone throughout the night (which boasted a cute mug shot of a toddler as the wallpaper) to check in with the babysitter.

....or how when the security guard was checking all the purses for alcohol etc as we entered the building, the most he found in my bag was a diaper, a soother, a travel sized wipes box and a My Little Pony toy.

...or maybe how the lady two rows behind me kept stretching from side to side, because she confided that her back was really bad ever since having her 5th child.

...or how about the tee shirt that once screamed, "DONNY, MARRY ME!" now says, "DONNY, I'D GET A DIVORCE FOR YOU!" Hmmm.

As a band of 18-year olds, we might expect them to have hot vocals with stellar choreography. But now, as a band of 5 men pushing 40, when they unleashed the hot vocals with amazing dance's something to applaud! Clap clap clap... good for you must be taking your Centrum Complete vitamins everyday! And I'll bet you are on a low carb diet and turn in early at night since most of you are married and some with young children. Seems like that fans aren't the only ones who have changed. But I believe, like an aged cheese, we have only gotten better.

(And I must add, as much as the 80's had it's fashion faux pas, it's SO entertaining to see women aged 30-50 dressed like they were thrown in a hippy's tie dye farm while on their way down the beaded streets of a New Orleans mardi-gras.)





Oh, what's that? You want to know how good our seats were? Well, let's just say, my girlfriend is never washing her hand after Jonny slapped it. Can I put that on my resume?


**(Will you forgive me for pushing off our Flyday quiz for one more day? I have it all set my head...just need to get in down on

Friday, November 21, 2008

This just in....

SO HELLO!!!!!!
I am Perez, Becky's personal assistant.
I am here to inform you that at this time, Becky is *ahem* not getting all glammed up for the much anticipated, to be spectacular, NKOTB concert this evening. (That she is not going to.) To ensure that every last crimpped piece of hair is in place and every florescent rubber bracelet is adjusted, she will sadly, not be with us here in the bloggisphere today. She WILL, however, be back in the office tomorrow, to recap the sheer brilliance on the night and of course, give you a belated FLYDAY quiz!!
By the way, she won't shut UP about how funny your comments have been for the photo caption contest, both in the comments section and the ones recieved by email. You ladies are just FABULOUS! Have a stellar day darlings!
Ta ta for now,
I'm outtie.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

You crack me up. Like an egg.

S: Whatcha coloring B?

B: My family. Mommy has ears.
S: Well so does the baby and Daddy too...well ACTUALLY, we all have ears.
B: Mommy's ears hear even whisper voices.
S:Yah. There like a super hero.
(Mommy in the background trying desperately to muffle laughter...girls swiftly turn around...)
S: See, B...superhero ears.

S:My barbie is naked cause she's in the bath.
B:Me too. (sing song voice) Naked barbie, naked barbie...
S:No yours isn't B. Yours has panties glued on it.
B:Nooooo!!! She has no panties.
S:Yes she does, see right there.
B:No! Her panties went to church.
S:They can't do that B. They don't have legs.
B:Yes they do.
S: They do what? Have legs?
B:Mmm hmm. Naked legs. (back to sing song) Naked barbie, naked barbie....


Mommy asks: Why does baby L have a flower hair clip pinned on his shoulder?

S: His outfit wasn't flashy enough. He needs to be a "cool" boy, mom.

M: S, you crack me up.

S: Like an egg?

M: Yep, like an egg.


Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Look, Ma, mine didn't yours did....












And now for a contest....

The following photo needs a caption.

You can either email me (if you don't want people knowing your oober amazing creativity and scamming ideas :P) at

or you can leave your caption in the comment section.

Next Wednesday I will share the top 3 captions as voted by my offshore Philipino outsource agency, and then let you decide the mean winner...oh, and I'll keep you waiting as to what you are up to'll want it.

Ok, here's the pic..... gimme a title!!


Monday, November 17, 2008

The 80's NMM


Ummmmm, I did not totally change Not Me Monday today, and instead decide to entertain you with trivial "not me" facts about someone (not me) growing up in the 80's. And, go....

1) I did not own (and wear for several days in a row, including to bed) a white sweatshirt that sported the words "DON'T WORRY BE HAPPY"...every letter being a different florescent color.

2) I did not have several bruises and/or welts on my wrists on any given day due to the genius known as slap bracelets.

3) I did not eat "All Stars" cereal as I lovingly gazed at Wayne Gretzky's mug on the box, dreaming of us in an alternate reality.

4) I did not buy out Zellers' entire stock of New Kids On The Block merchandise, from the board game, to the keychains, to the tie dyed shirts that changed colors when you breathed on them....oh, and I certainly am not going to their reunion concert in 4 days...(yeeeeeah boy NKOTB!)

5) I did not have an entire bed full of dolls with Xavier Robert's signature on their butts...which I thought was another name for the devil...and that the dolls came alive at night, and would watch me sleep while planning their strategies to take over my room. (Too many Chucky re-runs)

6) I was not totally jealous of Anna Casserella's PERFECTLY backcombed "satellite dish bangs."

7) My favorite song was not a toss up between MWS's "Secret Ambition", and this song..."This is the story all about life got flipped turned upside down...So I'd like to take a minute, just sit right there....and I'll tell you how I became the prince of a town called....." Uh know the rest. :P

8) My favorite wear with my Don't Worry Be Happy shirt...that I never owned...was not a pink taffeta type miniskirt with black spandex shorts sewn right underneath.

9) I did not sell "gymp bracelets" for 25 cents at recess that I made during social studies class, to "help sponsor a child in Africa" when actually I was plumping up my concession candy fund.

10) I did not spend evenings watching Alf, Square One, Get Smart, and Calgary Flames actually winning hockey games.

Friday, November 14, 2008


Well, first of all, let me applaud your many guesses and comments for our last Friday's Flygirls post. Looks like many of you guessed correctly on at least one secret identity. I forgot to mention that if you guessed all 4 right, then you would win a 2009 Mustang convertible. Oh well, guess I'll have to keep it for myself, since it IS the most practical vehicle for a mommy of 3. So, without further ado, let me introduce you to the real identities of last weeks FANTABULOUS FRIDAY FLYGIRLS!

1) Chardonnay = Jenise
My beeeeautiful Floridian mamma of little stud, boiled baby J.

Photobucket Photobucket

2)Cinnamon = Miranda
Supermomma of 6...well, 5 and one coming in April!!!!

Photobucket Photobucket
3)Magenta = Skyla
Russian chef of all things organic, and mommy of beautiful baby E. (Oh, and that pee sibling for baby E just yet...stay tuned!!)

Photobucket Photobucket
Bambi = Julie
Glam rockstar and momma of one baby J and one big boy S.

Photobucket Photobucket

Aren't these ladies just STUNNING!!??
So, I WAS going to post 4 more chiquitas for you to guess on, but I'm going to be mean, and make you wait a whole week longer. Otherwise, this post would be ginormous. So one Friday, you'll get the Mustang stripper name quiz, and the following week, you'll get the answers. Fair enough. If I did this every week, I'd run out of friends like, next week. Ha! I'm sure I could resort to the ones in my head. But they're not as pretty.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008