Thursday, November 20, 2008

You crack me up. Like an egg.

S: Whatcha coloring B?

B: My family. Mommy has ears.
S: Well so does the baby and Daddy too...well ACTUALLY, we all have ears.
B: Mommy's ears hear even whisper voices.
S:Yah. There like a super hero.
(Mommy in the background trying desperately to muffle laughter...girls swiftly turn around...)
S: See, B...superhero ears.

S:My barbie is naked cause she's in the bath.
B:Me too. (sing song voice) Naked barbie, naked barbie...
S:No yours isn't B. Yours has panties glued on it.
B:Nooooo!!! She has no panties.
S:Yes she does, see right there.
B:No! Her panties went to church.
S:They can't do that B. They don't have legs.
B:Yes they do.
S: They do what? Have legs?
B:Mmm hmm. Naked legs. (back to sing song) Naked barbie, naked barbie....


Mommy asks: Why does baby L have a flower hair clip pinned on his shoulder?

S: His outfit wasn't flashy enough. He needs to be a "cool" boy, mom.

M: S, you crack me up.

S: Like an egg?

M: Yep, like an egg.



Anonymous said...

they are crackin me up ! your kids are adorable girl !! lol.. HHAHAHA

Anonymous said...

I don't know which one had me laughing more...although the panties that went to church probably wins out! Loved the photos...brings it all together!

Skyla Bradley said...

Ahhh so funny!

Almost makes me wish the Eli guy had a sibling. ALMOST. ;)

Renee said...

At least B's barbies panties made it to church :P