Monday, November 17, 2008

The 80's NMM


Ummmmm, I did not totally change Not Me Monday today, and instead decide to entertain you with trivial "not me" facts about someone (not me) growing up in the 80's. And, go....

1) I did not own (and wear for several days in a row, including to bed) a white sweatshirt that sported the words "DON'T WORRY BE HAPPY"...every letter being a different florescent color.

2) I did not have several bruises and/or welts on my wrists on any given day due to the genius known as slap bracelets.

3) I did not eat "All Stars" cereal as I lovingly gazed at Wayne Gretzky's mug on the box, dreaming of us in an alternate reality.

4) I did not buy out Zellers' entire stock of New Kids On The Block merchandise, from the board game, to the keychains, to the tie dyed shirts that changed colors when you breathed on them....oh, and I certainly am not going to their reunion concert in 4 days...(yeeeeeah boy NKOTB!)

5) I did not have an entire bed full of dolls with Xavier Robert's signature on their butts...which I thought was another name for the devil...and that the dolls came alive at night, and would watch me sleep while planning their strategies to take over my room. (Too many Chucky re-runs)

6) I was not totally jealous of Anna Casserella's PERFECTLY backcombed "satellite dish bangs."

7) My favorite song was not a toss up between MWS's "Secret Ambition", and this song..."This is the story all about life got flipped turned upside down...So I'd like to take a minute, just sit right there....and I'll tell you how I became the prince of a town called....." Uh know the rest. :P

8) My favorite wear with my Don't Worry Be Happy shirt...that I never owned...was not a pink taffeta type miniskirt with black spandex shorts sewn right underneath.

9) I did not sell "gymp bracelets" for 25 cents at recess that I made during social studies class, to "help sponsor a child in Africa" when actually I was plumping up my concession candy fund.

10) I did not spend evenings watching Alf, Square One, Get Smart, and Calgary Flames actually winning hockey games.


Anonymous said...

I did.

All of that.

Jené said...

Yay you're on my stalking list too!

You know, I think I've seen a picture of you in that "DON'T WORRY BE HAPPY" shirt...hotness.

And MWS still rocks. Oh, those baby blue eyes!