Sunday, November 23, 2008

A Flyday type of Sunday

To once again quiz your knowledge of my inner sanctum of girlies. I was so impressed with the guesses last time. You seem to really know your stuff! So check out these hotties and put on your thinking caps. (Can you tell I'm a teacher?) :P Might be YOU on here!! No one is safe from the attack of the Flyday quiz!!!

~This naturally bleached blond beach bombshell resides in the land of barby's and koalas.
~She is mommy to one firecracker lil mini babe, who is a spit image of her Mommy.
~She has a sweet tooth for Tim Hortons timbits and chocolate chip mint ice cream.
~Up until 2 weeks ago, her chest size rivaled my brothers'. HAHAHA, sorry, couldn't help it.
~If I didn't know what she looked like, based on what I know, I'd say she looked like this:

Now, though, she's looking a bit more *ahem* like this:


(Like I said, couldn't resist. :P Love you!!)

~This magnificently loving superwoman lives in the state of Carrie Bradshaw and the SATC girls!
~She recently had baby #4 which evens out the tally at 2 boys and 2 girls.
~She is the most thoughtful, congenial, accepting person who I have even known...she always seems to be able to give just a little more for someone in need.
~Because of the aforementioned characteristic, her house is home to many types of animals ,who without her, would be left in the cold. (Definitely Disney Princess material!!)
~When everyone else is ringing in 2009, she will be looking just like this:


Ginger & Paprika*
~These 2 world changers are homeless, which means they are traveling EVERYWHERE at the moment, but currently are taking up residence in the great kangaroo country. ~Although they are the most fashionable, saucy, beautiful girlies you might meet, they are also the most sincerely dazzling on the inside chiquitas.
~Ginger is an oober talented dancer, and could kill the SYTYCD competition.
~Paprika is about to take the world by storm with her fashion tee collection. ~Princess B and Queen S are like little replicas of these could be because there might be a relation.
~If I didn't know what they looked like, based on what I know, I'd say they looked like this:


~This angelically spirited mamacita lives JUST under my country...except on the other side from me. (Which in my humble opinion is WAY too far away.)
~She is mommy to 4 beautiful babes, and I'm thinking will probably have at least one more.
~She is SO creative, from the projects she does with her kids, to the beautiful blanket and booties she crocheted for baby L.
~She has a very special and unique place in my heart as we both have walked a journey that has resulted in our babies playing in Heaven together. ~If I didn't know what she looked like, based on what I know, I'd say she looked like this:


OK, fine ladies...let the guessing games begin....try to use initials, not full names, if you are guessing in the comment section.

And in lieu of the Barbie hijack...a quote from Queen S yesterday...

"Daddy!! I need you to screw my Barbie!"
(When trying up unscrew a battery cover on the back of a sparkle & shine Barbie Princess)


Anonymous said...

Ah, you made me cry, again! Love ya! I Think that I am the last mama! And I think you better start in on Jon if you are expecting ANY more babes.

Anonymous said...

The fourth is Jacalyn, Renee

Anonymous said...

oh my gosh that is funny!!!!!!!!!lol


Renee said...

Sorry, I ment that #2 is or Cherry, is Jacalyn

Anonymous said...

i think number 2 is jacalyn and number 4 is renee ! im guessing number 3 are the kids aunties ? dont kno their names ... haha ! .. and hav no clue about #1 ..

Skyla Bradley said...

I know #1.... heehee. And I love her and miss her dearly!!!

And I might just be a little bit jealous ;)

Anonymous said...

Well, you know that I know #1...or as I say, dd#2. Next is an online friend from your baby group, then comes the neices and finally...someone else from your baby group? Whaddid I win????
P.S. What did Daddy say to Queen S.'s comment??

Anonymous said...

Aww, so sweet! Am I Cherry?

And I also was thinking Renee might be Trixie.


Amanda said...

yeah I have to agree I think Cherry is Jacalyn and Trixie is Renee