Saturday, November 29, 2008

I know, I know

So guess what? I missed Friday. Again. And this time, I don't have a super cool excuse like going to a NKOTB concert.
I just didn't feel like it.
I think someone sucked the creativity right outta money's on the little elf.
So today, while I go on a treasure hunt to find my enthusiasm...(REALLY hoping it involves 8 hours of sleep)....I will leave you with this....

My fab friend Skyla, who y'all met as a Flygirl a few weeks ago...Pregnant Magenta...even though she's not pregnant...YET....just started up a blog and had this great idea of posting an ooooold diary entry. I thought that was a great, rather brain-strain free idea, so have decided also to scam it! (Do go visit her over at for some honest mommy confession time.)

From my diary at age 16:
Here are the lyrics to one of the first songs I wrote , knowing "oh so much" about love. ;)

To everyone
We were the perfect pair
And everyone
Said we should get married
To everyone
We were gunna change the world

But everyone
Didn't know that you made me cry
And everyone
Didn't know that you always lied
And everyone
They were so blind

And I think I'm happy without you
Am I really happy without you
I am miserable without you

Now everyone has seen the person that you really are
And everyone tells me that I have been so smart
To leave you behind, starting a new chapter of my life
But aren't they the ones who told me two months ago
They were envious of our love and where it would go

What does everyone know
What does anyone know

(OHHHH the teenage angst just drips does it not? :P)

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Anonymous said...

oh ok .. now stop it with the ideas for me to teaf lol... :P ... i am so stealin this idea ! and yes .. isnt it so heartwrenching when ur a sixteen year old, know it all about love, dont tell me i dont kno about love kinda girl ! :) i was the same way ! hit up my blogg to read some of my old poetry !