Sunday, November 9, 2008

NMM + a smile

(Tomorrow is going to be a busy even though it's only 10:30 on Sunday night, I figured since it's already Monday in Toronto, I'm posting this right on time...)

When my precious Queen S was walking out of her preschool room and was obviously too distracted by little Jessica's red hair scrunchy (which CLEARLY did not match her pink Tommy Hilfiger dress) and walked HEAD ON into the huge brick pillar in the middle of the foyer, I
did not wrap her teary face up while biting my lip until I drew blood to stop myself from laughing hard enough to leave a yellow puddle right beside said pillar. NOT ME!

I did not tell both girls that I needed some privacy b/c Mommy was going #2, and then proceed to lock myself in the bathroom and curl up on the counter to finish up my novel. For 30 minutes.

Ok, I SERIOUSLY did NOT do this....oh Lord...I was not so rushed to get out the door with 3 babes all by myself (King daddy G is in LA for the week) did not go commando to church. In a skirt. SOOOO NOT ME!!! NOT ME!!! NOT ME!!!! (Good thing I didn't have to jump any hurdles. Lemme tell ya, I've never been so aware of my ladylike manners.)

And just for fun....2 quotes to put a smile on your Monday face.

(Queen S)
"Mmmm...this chicken tastes like meat."

(Princess B)
"Oh, great. Nemo's dead."


Anonymous said...

I told you some of my NMM but here is the rest. So, after I did NOT eat almost a whole container of cookies, I most definetly did NOT go to the store, remove two (to make it look like it did before I Did Not devour the other container) and put it the new one on the counter like a total innocent.

I just love reading your blogs and I soooo guessed Jenniboo. You are very talented in writing and you always make me smile. I can hardly wait for the day that we can meet IRL.

Anonymous said...

I am dying laughing!!!!


Christy said...

This is great. I love the idea of not me mondays.

I'm gonna add your link to my fave blogs on my blog. =)

BTW: I'm Cara's friend from SMG =)