Saturday, October 24, 2009

Never Again

I would really like to say never again, but, being part of a fickle people short of memory and fat in self centeredness....

...let's just say...for today....never again.

Never again will I complain about having taco salad for 3 nights in a row, when this man is eating his first meal of the week...on Thursday.


Never again will I tell myself, "you can brush their teeth tomorrow" as I forgo the evening routine due to tiredness, when this sweet babe is learning brushing hygiene for the first time at age 3. She has already lost 4 teeth, due to not having a toothbrush and toothpaste.


I will never again feel embarrassed for driving a minivan, when this man's chariot has no brakes, no roof to keep the rain off of him and certainly no trunk room to carry all of the "necessary" things I need daily.


Never again will I complain about my 6 year old extremely warm Columbia winter jacket being out of style, when someone in my city will be donning a jean jacket throughout the entire winter, considering it their salvation.


Never again will I feel sorry for myself for not being able to afford to get my roots touched up "this month", when this man was so grateful to get the mats cut out of his hair that had accumulated over the past 2 years. (It brought tears to my eyes watching the joy of his moment.)


Never again will I complain about my closet not being big enough, when this man's entire life fits in a duffel bag and a garbage sac.


This past Wednesday and Thursday, I was here:


I was asked to be the photographer for this city event and what started as a mere job, transformed my thinking like I could not have imagined. Sometimes it takes getting on a plane and flying to a Guatemalan dump to feel the radical shift of culture and let it shock your system and your world thinking into the proper place where it should be. Thankful. And sometimes it just takes stepping out in your very own city, to remember that there are many many people who would LOVE to have ...your problems.



Anonymous said...

this was absolutely beautiful, heart-felt, touching and brought tears to my eyes ! it is soooo tru ! i told cameron that i love halloween around here becuz all the "less" fortunate children come out tooo ! and they make an effort to dress up (with household stuff) which is the BEST costumes EVER i think ! :) !!!! and you hav inspired me to go out into the diff areas of our island and photograph ;) ill send you the link when i get them done ! XOXOXO love you and your big HEART ! :)

Mama4Real said...

Speechless, and feeling so incredibly...speechless.

Very proud of your moment though, to be chosen as a photographer for an event. very proud my love.

Renee said...

what an honor to be asked, and what a wonderful chance to be thankful for all we have.

{Kimber} said...

what an amazing post--and such a great reminder for all of us & our "problems" :)