Friday, June 12, 2009

Ancient Art


It appears that just like in any culture, the blog culture seems to have rules and codes of it's own.

And it appears...I have been tagged.

I was thinking I *could* just ignore this as I do the thousand and one FWDS and spam messages I get sent to my inbox in a day. But then , I recalled ancient times, when Colossus the gladiator did this, and forever became the reminder of why you never ignore a blog tag. I, for one, certainly don't have the desire to be packed liked spam in a tin and fed to the lions.

So, here I am, honoring the age old code of a blog tag and subsequently, passing on the sheer merriment to 6 others. Joy. Of. Joys.

My taggers are (stripper names being used for uh, well, no reason at all.)
1) Isis Glitz-hooter &
2) Dallas Glitz-theighs
(Hmm, I am beginning to think these two may be distant relatives, which explains the double tagging. Or doesn't. At all. )
(To find your own ultra cool stripper name, go here.)
(I'm going to use parenthesis again.)
(Just cause I can)
(And it's fun.)
(Like Mckmama pointed out here.)

The Rules of the ancient art of tagging are as follows. Be diligent in your quest for understanding. * List Six Unimportant Things That Make You Happy * Mention and link to the person who tagged you * Tag six of your favorite bloggers to play along {and comment on their blog to let them know they’ve been tagged} And Go.

1) Starbux Peppermint Mocha. Full fat. Full whip. Chocolate shavings. Love in a cup. *sigh*

2) Reading the Twilight series. Again. And again.

3) Baby Mum Mums. AKA in our house, the mute button. No matter when, where, or why, if one of these blessed snacks is placed within Baby L's personal bubble, the atmosphere becomes eerily and blissfully silent. Great to take to malls, churches, playdates all across the planet. Love in a cracker. *Joy*

4) All of the cutlery being in the exact place destined for each piece in the plastic holder within the drawer. You may think this is no big deal. Oh but it is. When that drawer is unorganized, my life feels like chaos. On days when my life feels like mayhem, and I look in an ORGANIZED cutlery drawer, I am washed with peace. I know. I'm sad. I've been to therapy for it already. Put your phone down.

5) Baby L is in a phase where he LOVES to yank on my sheer, non-starwars, very grown-up-y living room curtains. So, we have begun to lift them up during the day and wrap them around the rod. My happy place is when the children are in bed, and I can
unwrap them, and hang them just so. Like a good grown up should.

6) KD. You think you know, don't you? No, it's not Kraft Dinner. After 25 years of eating that...I'm kinda over it. KD is code for Killer Deals. I don't care if it's a package of gum that has been on the shelf since 1932. If it's marked down 50% or more, IT'S AWESOME! It's a KD!

And now, that the gauntlet has been completed, I hold within my power, the capability to require 6 others to honor the blog tag code of ethics. And must I remind you of Colossus if you chose not to comply. You. Tin. Spam. Lions.

Heidi Velvet-theighs
Dallas Heaven-hooter@
Isis Leather-ridge@
Heidi Glitter-glitter@
Chesty Glitter-fire@
Heidi Glitter-spank@


Chuchi said...

Oh man....Now I am working on my blog lol

Mama4Real said...

I love you.

Smelly B said...

hmmm so please don't tell me that you can still get peppermint mocha's there even when christmas is all over and done?!!? ... this would make me terribly jealous!

Anonymous said...

:) Thanks for taggin me .... Made me go work on the blog for the first time in forever !

Mama4Real said...

I gived you another award... MWA!

{Kimber} said...

you had me at #2