Friday, June 26, 2009

No, I have not fallen off the face of the earth. Although...close.

Our family has traveled to the wide open plains of the Canadian midwest...and there ain't much here.

Just wanted to let you lovlies know that I am in fact alive, I am in fact relaxing, and I am in fact going to post a revisit to baby L's birth story honor of his FIRST BIRTHDAY!

I am just beside myself that my amazing boy is one tomorrow. I am crazy over this kid, and can't wait to spoil him even more than I usually do tomorrow....and squish a chocolate cupcake in his face of course.

So hang tight, I will feed you some hearty blog food in only one sleep.

But because I am SO nice, I will leave you with a little midnight snack....mmmm, so yummy.







Skyla Bradley said...

Hope you know the Heimlich just in case!!!

I can't believe its been a year since you roared your precious babe out... what a beautiful momma lioness you are!

Love you can't wait to revisit such a wonderful journey... and to see you sooN!!!!!!

{Kimber} said...

Dear Blurry Background,
I love you

Have fun!!! I wish I was on vaca

Anonymous said...

awww... i agree with skyla lol ! hope you kno the heimlich lol ... He is jus SO CUTE ! :) isnt it something how everything ends up in their mouth ? lol ! love you ! :) cant wait to check back later to see if you updated ! :)

Miranda said...

"I'm not one who wants to bathe in membrane/placenta/amniotic soup thanks"

Ok I almost spit my water all over my screen LOL this is just too funny. Gosh I should show some of my homebirth pictures LOL

How's your little muffin man feeling?