Wednesday, June 10, 2009


In lieu of missing Not Me Monday ONCE again, I have decided to thrill you with, instead, a
"Me Monday-except-that-it's-Wednesday" post.
Here are a few absolutely exciting things you may or may not have known about...Me.
I'm sure your life will be so much more enhanced after spending your precious valuable time reading the following:

I can't stand the smell of lilacs.

Jim Carrey is my all time favorite actor. (Dumb & Dumber being one of my all time fav films)

I use cheap shampoo, and seem to get the same results as when I used Redken's lineup.

I prefer raspberry anything over strawberry.

As much as I try to grown-up-i-fy my house, I still feel like I'd rather glue old Roxy ads and rock n roll band posters overlapping all over my living room. And paint the ceiling black. And have star wars curtains. Mmm, this living room is looking funky in my visions...and SO not grown up.

Even though the Mary Kay lady said that when you go to bed with your make-up on it ages you 30 years (every time?), I still do it. Nearly every night. Cause I'm too tired by then to wipe a cotton ball on a circular motion.
Guess that would make me like a billion years old.

I am in the midst of having another tattoo hankering. Maybe Edward Cullen's face on my entire back? Yeah?

I bite my nails. I wish they were long and strong. But they're not. So I punish them, by biting their nail heads off.

I despise oak furniture. Or a bunch of mixed types of woods all in one room. Before you get all defensive, my whole house is like this. For now. Until I'm rich. Which will be soon. Because I invented a device that keeps your baby asleep all night from the moment it's born. It may be illegal here, but China looks excited to buy it all up.

I suck suck SUCK at saving money.

I don't know who decided that women were to be the ones to cook / clean and do laundry, but I'll bet wasn't a women.
I am glad my husband married me b/c he wanted a wife, and not a chef/maid. Cause he would have been sorely disappointed.

I LOVE road trips, and in 9 days, we're heading East for a few weeks...YAY!

I wish I had a Star Trek "beam-me-up-scottie" transporter to beam in all my friends from all over the world to have one gigantic party.

I love gaudy fake rings.

And now, I'm going to make lunch. If my kids have it their way, taco salad. My way, perogies and carrots. I win. Why? Because I said so. And I'm the Mommy.



Mama4Real said...

So funny that your kids are ape over taco salad.

Jillanna said...

I am so with you on the lilacs! Yick!

Oh, and raspberry over strawberry (but I'd pick blackberry over both).

And hankering for a new tattoo.. except mine would probably be heaps bigger than yours (I'm talking half or full sleeve)

And beaming amazing people to me.

And road trips.. like the one I'm making to Vancouver in August. (want a couple of girls crashing at your house? haha)

Mama4Real said...

I know you just kind of did this, but I tagged you. I had forgotten about this post...

Skyla Bradley said...

Oh look. I tagged you too. I really need more bloggity-blog friends.

{Kimber} said...

when you get ready to get E.C's face on your back--let me know--I'm so IN!!!!! :)