Friday, August 21, 2009


Journal entry 2 years ago:

August 22, 2007

Just got my surgery done. Lump is gone.


God just blows me away. My main RN taking care of me - total amazing Christian man. He prayed with me, and sat and listened to me read my book on grace that I brought with me while I nervously waited.

I felt like God set that up just for me.

He sees me.

I matter to Him.

He wanted to calm my fear.

I am humbled by this, and beyond grateful.

Thank you Jesus for never leaving me, and for your tangible presence through this entire process. Your peace and grace are more than enough for me. Now, I thank you for keeping my body infection free as I heal.

I randomly came across this entry tonight. On the eve of this exact date. I think God might be reminding me that He's got my back. It's been a bit rough in the past few weeks. But in all the stress, uncertainty, unexpected changes, tiredness that this life can present us with, at the end of the day, He's got our backs. At the beginning of the day...He's got our backs.
He sees us.
We matter to Him.
I am reminded.
I am thankful.



Mama4Real said...

MWAAA. I love you.

{Kimber} said...

coincidence you found that?! I think not...Thank goodness he has our backs {and I need him to have mine today--it is killing me--stupid wreck!}

Mama4Real said...

I miss your bloggy blog lady.mobr