Friday, August 14, 2009

Just watched 17 again.

I am a HUGE SUCKER for anything chick-flick-ish.

I loved this movie.

And now I have discovered I am a huge sucker for Zac Efron.

I know he's like 12 and all, but he's a cute 12 year old who personally I think can actually really act.

My one question is this though....

In the movie there was the young character (Zac) and then him as an older man (played by Chandler. HA! Can't even remember his real name...but y'all know Chandler.)

As much as I love Chandler, I couldn't get my head around the fact that Zac looks exactly like a different older hottie actor who I think would have been a much better choice for the role...

I'm just saying...


John Stamos

I KNOW, right?? Just saying...



Stacie Grahn said...

Isn't that movie good?! I left the theater with my heart a flutterin'! I felt like a teeny bopper because I seriously fell head over heals in "luv" with him! heheh. He is a great actor! And Chandler is Matthew Perry :)

Jillanna said...

I fully agree that Matthew Perry wasn't a good match for Zac Efron.. Zac is never going to be that unattractive. And he is not 12! He is 22! Only 7 years younger than you... so not THAT creepy.

But I LOVE that movie also.. but I have liked all Efron films... Derby Stallion, HSM, HSM2, HSM3, Hairspray.. Love him!

{Kimber} said... that resembelance is just freaky!!
I love that movie too...Zac is adorable...and SOOOO legal...just sayin' :)

Christy said...

Jared Leto would have been a better older Zac Efron in my opinion. But I wished Matthew Perry would have had a bigger role.