Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I never thought...

...that my vote REALLY made any difference.

Our Provincial election was yesterday.

I actually never even knew that little fact, until noon, when I opened the door (braless -awesome) and standing there was a candidate making sure he could "count on my vote." Right, voting. I guess we'll do it if we get around to it. I know, apathetic right? Honestly, I didn't even know who was running or what they stood for etc. Bottom line, I hadn't paid much attention to the elections this time around...and really...what does MY vote really do anyways.

In fact, if it weren't for King Daddy G doing some research and tossing our butts out the door to "go for a walk" in which we just "happened" to pass the voting polls on the way...I would not have marked an X on anything, but possibly a facebook survey that night.


And would you believe...the one time I was wishy washy, and actually just voted as my husband voted and to be a good citizen...our newspaper front page boasted this in the morning:

In the riding of ------X------, Tuesday night's provincial election proved every single vote counts.

As of 12:30 a.m. on Wednesday morning (May 13) Elections BC had tallied a two vote margin of victory for candidate W.O who received 9,619 votes compared to 9,617 for long-time councilor and independent candidate V.H.

W.O was our guy. TWO votes. Hmm. Guess my sore gluteus maximus from that walk was somewhat worth it.


And now for your random windows into my random life. (Notice how they might look a little different from yesterday's post.)

We did end up finally getting together with pumpkin muffin playdate momma , and I found it quite interesting to have a shining example of the difference between boys and girls when we made cookies. (Can you sense a pastry theme in these playdates? Me thinks my children or I shall never be sick again when she calls!!)

Proof that spending hoards of cash on baby toys is essentially pointless.

The smile that came right after...

she secretly did this...
That IS an awesome attempt at a self-pedicure, and did I mention there was bright pink lipstick also smeared into my carpet? Nothing that WD-40 couldn't whip out, but it's only because of this sweet girl that I am privy to this wisdom.

Our science class...discovering the circle of life.

My happy teething little man...

...and it's all due to this:

A hazelwood teething necklace. I haven't had to give him any pain medication since he started wearing this, and I can say I notice a difference in irritability when he is not wearing for now, it stays on, and he stays happy. Works for me!


Anonymous said...

Oh wow I saw that on the news.
Im an odd ball and a little old fashion and have never voted.


Mama4Real said...

We had an election a few days ago, but I have no idea what for, I don't think Rockstar even voted.

I've never seen that necklace thing, that's super cool.
K. I gotta poo.

DramaCity said...

You have beautiful children...and that necklace thing looks cool!! Have a great family weekend!

Mama4Real said...

You're almost at a thousand hits! do you even know?

Mama4Real said...

oh, um, ok... 10,000. No, I can not count.

Phil and Jenn said...

Love your posts!

I tagged you!

Mama4Real said...

Ahahaha. I was just coming to see if you did your NMM yet, and I got the 10,000 hit. I'm a retard and my kids are going insane today.