Monday, May 18, 2009



*Disclaimer...Not Me style*
I do not love to teach.
I did not graduate at the very top of my class with honors.
I did not get chosen out of the whole university to receive the Governor General's award for top grades and character.
I do not pride myself in what a great classroom I have.
If there is one thing that I feel good at, it would not be teaching.
I do not sound like a total pansy who is tooting her own horn...there is a I am sure you have figured out by now....


As I mentioned before, we were finally able to get together with 'Pumpkin Muffin play date Momma'. She has 2 darling boys who are similar in age to Princess B and Baby L. She is, also as mentioned before, one of the sweetest people on the planet. She has a lovely voice, and sings with me in our church. She has a beautiful smile that lights up any room. She has a love for pastries...I think, since our dates seem to include these things...which I am eternally grateful for. One more thing you should know about Pumpkin Muffin Play date Momma is...she's a teacher.

PDM (Play Date Momma from here on out) and I are both staying home for now with our growing babes. I, for one, am enjoying the time off, spending the days watching my children discover their world in only the most fascinating ways a child knows how.

But it's time to admit, I was not totally put to shame when I walked into PDM's home for the first time, and realized a fact that somewhat shocked the socks off of me.

Some are teachers because they study and learn, and some are teachers because they have no choice, it's who they are at their very core. PDM is a CORE chick!

I did not encounter anything that looked like this in her living room/kitchen:

Or this:

Or this:

And even though, she totally did not shoot my 'amazing teacher' self-view right out the back door...I still couldn't break it to her...that the alphabet on her's a bit messed up. ;)


And now for a story that I could fill with "didn't happens" and "not me's", but instead, I'm just going to preface it with a great big GIANT "This did not happen at my house last night at 1:30 am."

The night was dark and still. I was deep in a non-conscious type slumber. Dreaming of a land far away full of warm beaches, lemon trees, and scuba gear. I am being roused by the sound of something clinking, something close. In my half delirium, I was able to peg the sound as the venetian blinds in my bedroom, only a mere 3 feet from where I lay. It has become a regular night habit as of late, for Princess B to join King Daddy and I in bed during the wee hours, and so I flipped my arm over to 'lovingly' prod Daddy G to ask him to get B away from the blinds. My arm landed on an empty space...he was not there. Hmm, probably watching a movie downstairs as he is a total night owl. Ok, guess I have to convince B into bed with me and to stop the annoying blind bashing that she was doing for an undisclosed to me reason. The goal for me, is not to move while attempting the coax into bed. I am comfy and warm and half dead feeling, so words are the first method..."B, honey, come to bed and snuggle Momma." *Nothing* "Baby, stop hitting the blinds and come jump into bed, it's sleepy time sweet pea." *More blind bashing, no B response.* Two or three more attempts at this, and I am getting a little miffed. Finally I open my eyes in the darkness, peer towards the window, and squint. I think I can *kind of* make out a little shadow, so direct my voice towards it, and coax, "Come here baby!" When I still didn't get a response, and my eyes were now beginning to adjust to the darkness, my whole body in a SPLIT instant became VERY aware...that Princess B was NOT in my room. For that second, my body was like it was in a horrible dream where I was paralyzed, and I could not move. But after that second was over, I bounded out of bed and sprinted to turn on the bathroom light outside of our room. I still heard the blinds bashing, and quickly peeked in on the girls...yep, both of em, faaaast asleep in their beds. So, then I creaked the door to our bedroom open just a crack, and with only the sliver of light from the bathroom behind me lighting the room, I was confronted with the banging blinds bandit...a HUGELY fat cat FLEW through my blinds and right onto the floor. I was SO stunned by this, that I immediately went into flight or fight and I guess decided to fight...I started hissing at the thing like a snake on steroids, and clapping my hands louder that any hockey fan, and freaked the living poo right out of that cat, that it jumped from the floor straight up to the height of my curtain rod and whipped himself back at the blinds, falling back out the second story window that my husband had opened when he came to bed...unbeknownst to me. It's still a toss up as to who was more freaked spitless, me or that cat...

That is what did not happen at my house at 1:30 last night.


Mama4Real said...

I was so scared that you were going to say someone had broken into your bedroom!!!! Glad it was nothing that serious, but cats are SERIOUSLY creepy.

Anonymous said...

Oh man!!! Don't you hate it when your laying in bed at night and you hear a cat crying and it sounds just like a baby crying outside your window. Honistly CREEEEEEEEEEEEEPY!


Anonymous said...

I totally thought that you were gonna say that it was baby L. That he skipped the whole crawling thing and went straight to climbing out of his crib and walking into mommy and daddy's room only to be sidetracked by said blinds. LOL. Great usual.