Monday, October 27, 2008

Guess what day it is?


(did might have, probably...most certainly did. "Not me" ok, so it was.)

*I most definitely did not sleep in and only have 10 minutes to get S ready for school, and while debating which items of our morning routine we could skip, did not choose to forgo wearing a bra and did not just chuck a jacket over my white tank top. I certainly did not show up to S's school without realizing that my jacket was half open, and absolutely did not unknowingly flash half the dad's waiting in the hallway. NOT ME!!

*On our drive to church last week (the week I was singing in the choir)with S and baby L in the van, I assuredly did not turn off the Christian music station and instead opp to CRANK up some Justin Timberlake. And when S asked, ahem, yelled, over the noise at me asking if this was Jesus music, I most positively did not tell her that it absolutely was, Jesus loves J.T!

*My instant mocha mix calls for 3 heaping teaspoons for one normal sized mug. I surely did not heap 4 TABLEspoons of mix, and then did not add another 2 teaspoons of hot chocolate mix on top of that, and then did not dash to the fridge to grab an edible oil product called Cool Whip and did not LOAD that right to the rim of my mug. And I did not moan and scream "OH YES!" like a newlywed as I drank all 10,000 calories of that deliciousness! NOT ME!

*I did not tell S & B that their Lion King and Beauty and the Beast dvd's must have grown legs and ran away as I hid them behind my back. And of course, I did not, ahem, accidentally break them in half and chuck them in the trash because they have been giving the girls nightmares. (Guess the thrift store would have been an option too, but there's just something about feeling like a rebel when you break a CD. I know. I'm hardcore.)

*Gotta LOVE when unexpected guests show up. (Read: husband has known for a week and claims he told you, yet your photographic memory that is never wrong, seems not to remember such an exchange.) I did not give our guest the "pee mattress" to sleep on, and not even feel badly when I also did not give him the matching "pee pillow". Hey, the pillowcase was clean. Sort of. I did not give him the couch to sleep on when there's a perfectly good guest room with a king sized bed upstairs because I didn't want him "in my space". I did not make a little too much noise at 6 am opening up the cereal box and clanking the bowl and spoon as to accidentally wake him up so that he would move and I could get on the computer. DEFINITELY NOT ME!!

Check back soon, for


Imaginate said...

I cant believe you gave my guest the pee pillow?

MomC567 said...

Gee, I wonder if that 'guest' will ever return?...did you ever give us the pee pillow too? :)