Thursday, October 9, 2008

The book with a Face

Ok, I'll admit it. I'm not a Facebook junkie like the other 33+ million people living in this bless-ed northern country. I do HAVE a Facebook, but lemme tell you why.
Do I REALLY need to know what Sally said to Ronnie, her highschool BFF who stole her senior crush two days before prom? 15 years ago. In rural Saskatchewan. Where her graduating class only consisted of her, Ronnie, and said crush? As fascinating as all this real life soap opera stuff is, like a friend of mine has said, Facebook is like a 10 (20 if you're old like my hubby) year reunion that just never ends! There is a GOOD reason why real life reunions are only for a day. Say the awkward hi to her (who gained 20 pounds) and him (who lost 20 pounds) and her (who is eating 20 pounds of the salsa dip at the snack table) then move on with your life, just like you were without the hers and hims and hers that made your life so eventful oh so many years previously.
When Facebook first came "on the market" (you know, back when Myspace was the thing), I DID jump on the bandwagon and see how many friends I could rack up, even going as far as "stealing" some of my hubby's "friends", just to make my tally higher. We had an unspoken competition going on...who had more friends...even if by friends we meant bombarding the garbage pick up guy, the grocery check out lady and the kids sunday school teacher with friend requests. Are they REALLY *friends*?? Nah, but I have 657 of them and you are only at 625, so I win. In these beginning days, I remember putting up a *status update* that said something like "Becky is sad." Well within 10 minutes, I had 12 complete strangers, one who is oober creepy too, make comments like, "So sorry my friend", "awwww, what's up?"& my creepy dude.... "Poor you, wanna talk about it?" WHA? Talk about it...with YOU...spanner263....whoever you are? I'll pass.
This brings me to what I actually DO like about facebook now. The status updates. I closed down that first account (782 friends an all), and started a new one, under an alias that no one could find me at unless I wanted them to, and now have 22 friends. People I know, and who I am actually interested in knowing random things about. My favorite thing to do in the morning is to grab a hot chocolate, open up facebook and read all of my friends' status updates. One or 2 sentences to describe what's going on with them. I don't need a book or a 2 hour conversation, just one line to tell me you just made peanut butter cookies. Or that you partied last night like it was 1999 and now you are paying for it this morning. Great!! I enjoy seeing a good creative status just like the next person...
  1. (name) childproofed his house, but they still get in.
  2. (name) is still hot. It just comes in flashes.
  3. (name) thinks at her age, "getting lucky" means finding her car in the parking lot.
  4. (name)'s reality cheque just bounced.
  5. (name) is not 50. I'm $49.95 plus tax.
  6. (name) says Buckle up. It makes it harder for the aliens to snatch you from your car.
  7. (name) is not a snob. I'm just better than you are.
  8. (name) says keep staring....I may do a trick.
  9. (name) is DANGEROUSLY under-medicated.
  10. (name) washes her mouth out with chocolate every time she hears the word "exercise".

So there you have it, I don't really post pictures, or write long journal entries or care what you think about Jono's new guitar case, but I DO stalk your status updates. So if you love Jono's guitar case in your status...then I retract that last comment...I DO care.


Imaginate said...

Jono's guitar case IS the reason I joined facebook, as a matter of fact if I would vote for Jono's guitar case if only it was running for office here in the BC elections.

Anonymous said...

LOL you crack me up.

Im on facebook too if you'd like to keep up with my status updates too lol. You can find me under Cara MacLean. Oh and Im sure one of the SMG girls would love to customize your blog for ya! Check out my new myspace layout:

Bookmarked ya! xoxo -C

Anonymous said...

Oh and I tagged you!! :)

Cara said...

I gave in to the peer pressure!