Thursday, October 2, 2008

We have now reached the Bloggisphere.

Here I am blogger world!! I know you've ALL been eagerly anticipating this moment, as I have made you wait a long time for this magical unveiling. A blog. MY blog. What more could a busy mother of 3 want than something else to try to fill her time and then make her feel guilty when there's yet again, not enough hours in the day to complete everything on the to-do list(s). So glad I signed up. :) And of course the REAL selling point is that this is the place, the ONE place in the whole world...that's all about ME. Me, me me. How fun. I feel 5 again already. Now where's my tiara??! Well, what better way to begin this wondrous journey than to introduce you, through amusing anecdotes, to the 4 reasons why my heart beats every day, why I get out of bed in the morning (literally).

Reason #1: (G)
Tall, dark and handsome...need I say more. In fact, this one I'm usually not getting OUT of bed for. :P I met him one dark and stormy night, he was riding his valiant steed and's not right...oh was a huMOUNGous gray Buick that graced my driveway. (One that, little did I know at the time, I would be receiving 3, yes THREE separate tickets for parallel parking too far from the curb. I plead the 5th.) To say we took our time getting to know each other, dating for years just to bring us to the engagement day where everyone was saying, "It's about TIME!" well...that would just be a complete lie. In fact, when I told my best friend that I was engaged, I think his exact words were..."TO WHO??" And shortly after that, 4 months to be exact, my happily ever after began. There's no one in the world who loves me more than this man. I know this beyond a shadow of a doubt, because he's seen me direct explosive diarrhea into a Tim Horton's cup in the front seat of our moving car while two toddlers scream their heads off in the back...and he's still here. A rare jewel for sure!

Reason #2: (S)
After 31 hours of torturous labor, this amazing red headed wonder arrived and I turned to reason#1 and said, I SWEAR SHE'S YOURS! I was not aware red hair is in both our families. She is now 4 and a half. I have a million stories I could tell you about her, but if I had to chose one to really show you who she is, it would be this one. She found a quarter under the couch. (Must have been that ONE random day when my house wasn't immaculately lemony fresh.) She had a rampage of ideas bombard her little brain as to what she could possibly buy with this prized treasure. A gumball? A bouncy ball? A rice cake? (No joke.) She guarded her fortune all through preschool, and was ready to see what the grocery store had to offer. We walked in, and I could sense her excitement might just explode if we waited until after I conquered my list of 4000 items before discovering what lucky piece of 25 cent junk would become her newest object of affection. We walked about 7 steps when she announced, "WAIT!" Her eyes were HUGE with a heavenly revelation of what she wanted to do with her money. At that moment, she ran back to the entrance of the store, where standing, waiting to receive her offering, was a moneybank in the shape of a dog that belonged to the local animal shelter. Like a scene from a movie unfolding before me, this little child took all that was precious to her in that moment, bowed her head toward the dog, slipped her coin in, and said, "For the sick puppies Mommy." Sigh. Don't ask me how to raise a child who does this. I have no idea.

Reason #3: (B)
After 6 hours of convincing myself that I wasn't really in labor, my second darling baby girl decided to arrive...backwards. Yeah. Butt first. On Christmas Day. Christmas DAY. Looking back now, I wouldn't expect anything BUT a bizarrely melodramatic entrance for her. She continues to do most things "backwards" in the world's standards, and is the most adventurous, scientific, moody drama queen of the bunch. While her sister dons a Cinderella princess dress, she will also put one on (to be JUST like her) but will pull the arms down to make it a sassy off the shoulder number and have her Home Depot kids tool belt underneath.The other day, we were having a discussion about possible career paths (doctor, lawyer, dentist...anything to support parents in their old age is always welcomed)...well, after much thought, she finally decides to be a horse when she grows up. Great. A horse. Not sure what the pension plans are like for horses.

Reason #4: (L)
5 hours of labor that involved a birth pool in my dining room, a squat stool, a couch, some peach popsicles and Gatorade ice cubes, Mr. L was born right in my living room weighing in at 10 pounds even. He is the newest one to the clan, being just days over 3 months old. Yet professional opinion is, that he must have sucked REALLY hard while nursing and just happened to suck my heart right out, because I am telling you people, he's got it. Do I ENJOY waking up every 1-3 hours at night...not really...but do I enjoy seeing his megawatt smile every 1-3 hours at better believe I do! Once I'm out of my delirious stupor, I just stare at him. I still feel euphoric from the day he was born. He's the perfect completion to our family and I look forward to sharing him with you as he grows into the little...whatever..he will become!

That's the Reader's Digest version. You'll get to know me more through the context of these fabulous the blogging games begin!!

Love & Laughs,


tannersbananners said...


As busy as you are ...
and as busy as I am...
I absolutely love reading your funny, quirky, "Becky" viewpoint stories. I'm so happy you are taking time to share them ..they brighten my day : )Miss you!!
xoxoxox tanners

shallon said...

much love.. from your new BC neighbor ;)

Mr Dub said...

Okay, Miss BeckydoubleUspot, your comment of:

"There's no one in the world who loves me more than this man."

seems to have overlooked a couple of VERY important people who have not only WITNESSED your explosive productions, but have CLEANED them up afterward ALSO!!!!

Love, You Know Who

Jillanna said...

Hooray for you blogging! I'm very excited about that.. maybe it will convince me to get my bootay back in gear and update my blog.. hmm...

Love ya

Cheryl said...

You crack me up, Becky! How on earth did I birth such a comedienne? Keep on from the other big loves in your life :)

Imaginate said...

Good ol Tim Hortons! One of the great Canadian pleasures.