Saturday, October 4, 2008

Reason #5

Pros and cons for baby #4. Ooooooohhhhh boy, I heard the *gasps* from all around the planet on that one. FOR the record...
a)NO, we are not pregnant...
b)NO, we are not TRYING to end up that way...
c)NO, we don't want anymore babies and
d)NO, King Daddy G wouldn't COMPLETELY kill me if he knew I wasn't 100% sure on item c). (Ok, he probably would kill me. But that's why this is MY blog. me me me me. :P He'll have to sign into the seniors blogging center if he wants to blogdebate, that sounds fun, possibly a new wii game? Ok, I digress.)

I hear if you have 4, you get to go on Oprah and she will pay for all your living expenses
...oh...wait...disclaimer says they all have to be born at the same time. Stupid small print.

We would qualify for Costco's Superdome 6 person tent!!
It sounds much more exciting than it really is. What's that? It doesn't even SOUND exciting? SUPERDOME! TENT! Ok, you're right, not exciting.

We could be the first all family olympic volleyball team to bring home the gold! Oh, just saw that minimum competition age is when new baby X is 16, that'd make King Daddy Riiight, not the most PERFECT competing age range, but all the same, his walker could come in handy for some killer spikes.

If baby X decides to come out with a twig & berries, then we would have 2 boys and 2 girls, which makes us the perfect all american family...times 2, without a white picket fence, or a bar-b-q, or a mailbox at the end of our driveway shaped like a house with a red/white & blue flag waving from it's chimney, oh and we're not american.

Apparently to have a baby, you have to go through 9 months of pregnant hell, er, I mean bliss first. Even the virgin Mary didn't get to skip THAT part.
Huh...come to think about it...that really should have been part of the deal in MY humble opinion. Maybe just 2 weeks of pregnancy for her. I mean c'MON people, she didn't even get to DO IT! Give the girl a "get out a jail free" card for pete's sake!

911 might make me pay for the increase in calls from random people who see me walking down the street with one in a front pack, one in a back pack, one in a stroller and one riding a bike in front of me, THINKING I have been the most recent victim of a baby gang attack. (Especially with all the flailing of limbs and screams for Starbucks.)

Chances are, my greediness for just ONE more, would land me like THIS.....
Because that's what SHE said..."We have 2, I'd just like ONE more"...mmmm hmmm. One set of sextuplets and 8 kids later....can I hear PSYCH WARD calling?

Well, for today, it seems that the cons have won. Heck, that last pic is enough to send me to the nunnery! 6 toddlers...*shudder*...Stay tuned, as you never know if the pros might win on a different day, or year, or life!


caseylynne said...

OMG becky, that is too funny. and i could def. get on OPRAH.........but all mine werent born at the same time. Crap you had my hopes up with that one.
Love ya Casey

Imaginate said...

I think vern and micah should have the fourth baby!