Monday, December 1, 2008

NMM Princess style


Under my kitchen table...on some may find an assortment of runaway items. From a stray crayon, to a squashed green bean, to a lone ripped out page from the Sears Wishbook catalog.

But yesterday, these were not what I found. And I mean that. What I DID find was something that did not make my heart stop for a split second and then make me count to ten in my head so that I may look in from the outside and see the humor. Yes, it could have been much worse. But still.


Do you see the left side of my princess's head that is surprisingly not missing some golden curls? They did not run away with the crayon, and the green bean, and the catalog page. (Or get snipped out by a creatively mischievous 2 year old as decoration for a home-made Christmas ornament...pom poms and glitter were just toooo boring.) On the up side, I guess now, I finally have what I need to complete this baby book page.



Amy said...

Omgoodness... my hubby says she is a lil mad scientist lol... always creating or de-creating in this instance hahah ! Im sawwy but like you say ... at least u completed the baby book ! :P


Anonymous said...

Aww lol My Natalie did this once, and she cried and cried.


Anonymous said...

THAT is awesome. I love it. One time, a friend was over helping me pack to move, and her little girl was w/ her, the kids were like...almost 2 and almost 3? All the sudden Salem comes running into the kitchen, and li'l girl comes behind, w/ open scissors pointing at his head... her mom FREAKED out... "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?"
"Just cuttin gSalem's hair!"
She did get a li'l bit, but not enough to make a big deal over. He did however, just cut his a few weeks ago...:P