Tuesday, December 2, 2008

(Not even CLOSE to a) Wordless Wednesday

I was spring...er...winter cleaning today. Not because I was motivated to clean, mind you, rather I was bored of my house. You know when you get like that...it's time to move the couch to the other side of the room and search through a few cupboards, the storage closet, the bathroom shelves, and dig up random items from years past. Besides digging up enough lost treasure to buy several happy meals, I came across an old jewelry box (lovingly dubbed the "special box"). My dad had one made for both of my brothers and me when he was on business in Pakistan. (My offspring contract stipulates I not tell anyone that he's a mob boss.) It's beautiful dark rosewood with my name engraved in brass on the top, and it was stuffed full of nostalgic goodies.


  • An absolutely disgusting "une gourde" bill from Haiti when my mom & I went to bring home my 2 adopted sisters in 1995. They do not recycle their money like we do, and just the raggedy look and smell of this tender makes me curious (and revolted) as to what is growing on it from the millions of hands it has been in over the years.


  • An empty sample sized tube of "NAVY" perfume. I think it was at least half full when it was put in the box, but over the last 13 years, I think it evaporated. It used to be my favorite smell in junior high.


  • (My pride is beaming on this one) A Youth Bowling Council medallion. Yeah. That's right. I could kick your tooshie in bowling. And no, it's not only for geeks. Right? Guys? (sagebrush rolling through the deserted cowboy town and a lone whistle in the background)


  • A little piece of wood with purple felt writing that reads "S + Becky". Hmm. I have no clue who "S" is. Anyone? Remember? Haha. Ok, so I may have been a slight diva in my teenage years...BUT I was a bowling diva!


  • An old movie stub claiming that I held hands with a certain boy at that particular showing. I do remember that boy. I don't remember holding hands. Or the movie. Hmm. (Name has been blurred so that Angelina Jolie doesn't Laura Croft me if she notices her man's moniker.)


  • Because I was so spiritual when growing up, I never passed notes during church. But, you know...if I had...one might have looked something like this:
Me: What do you want?
Josh: You(r awesome body)...{bracket words added by James who intercepted the note}
Me: Oh yah! I want you too. (Like I said...super spiritual)
Josh: Excellent and groovy. When's the wedding?
Me: I'll let you pick the date, but it has to be in March.
Josh: My birthday is next Thursday. Should we invite pee and poo? (Maturity at it's best)
James: (Another interception) I'll have to ask my 2nd and 3rd wives which date for
our wedding will be best.
Me: Uh, which one of you am I getting married to?
Josh: You are marrying James...(which James crossed out and wrote Josh over top.) But I will always love you, and so will Tim. He'll probaby crash the wedding.


I would like to think I have matured maybe a *bit* since the things in this box were placed there. But then I think about that note. And inviting pee and poo. And call me juvenile, but you may just catch me smirking.


Anonymous said...

I say, invite pee and poo, they ALWAYS make an event more interesting:)~JP

Amy said...

you are so cute ! and what a great not so wordless wednesday ! i hav a ton of stuff i could "seek and find lol" if i tried that was old ... maybe ill do an old wordFILLEd THURSDAY since i didnt get to do it yesterday ! belated wordfilled wednesday ! here i come !

Christy said...

Send me your sense of humor so I can liven up my blog, hehe. I've always tried to be funny but I think I end up looking like an idiot. ;)

Skyla Bradley said...

I used to be in a 10 pin bowling league... have we ever gone bowling together????