Monday, April 27, 2009

Candies and Cullens

It reminded me of when I was six.

My mom had taken me with her on a much anticipated day of errands. (I now know that she probably wasn't as excited about this as I thought she was...or at least should be.) We lived in a SUPER small town (read: cows owned the road), and so going from one store to the next pretty much consisted of just walking straight down the one main street. After hitting up the IGA food market, the town bank, and even the barber shop (complete with blue/white & red swirlie sign out front), we were nearing the end of the street, which I knew meant we were coming to the "Pharmasave" drug store. And if there was anything I was 100% positive about as a kid, it was that Pharmasave had the GREATEST selection of rot-your-teeth-out goodies.

I just knew, that because I had been on my utmost best behaviour throughout our whole day of gallivanting, my mother would really have no choice but to reward me with something terribly and sinfully delicious.

The shopping speed seemed to slow to a snails pace once inside the Pharmasave, as my mom read every label, letter by letter, on every shampoo bottle/dish soap box/window spray. Just pick one already and let's get to the goooood stuff.

Finally, the moment came.

(This is where I want you to take this occasion to recognise the emotion that is about to be presented. Because as you begin to relate...I will show you, how it is possible to have an identical emotion, whether six year of age or thirty six. Not that I am 36. Cause that's just prehistoric.)

Back to Pharmasave....

The row of chocolate/sugary goodness was now within eyesight, and like Pavlov's dogs, I instinctively began to drool. Oh the choices. Oh the decisions. Oh the responsibility. My head became light, and suddenly, I had no rational thought in my brain whatsoever. In fact, I don't even think I could talk properly. When my mom asked me if I was ok (after noticing obscene amounts of drool cascading down my pretty flowered dress, I'm sure), all I could squeak out was, "Ab-duh-uh-bus-fan-tide." My mom just shook her head and I knew the question was imminent. Right on the threshold, stood the query, "Becky, you are he world's #1 outstanding daughter, and because you are perfect in every way.....would you like to pick a treat?"

I waited.

And waited some more.

We were standing right in front of the rows upon rows of candy mountain goodness....the question must be coming.

***********Fast forward 20-some-odd years into the future************

I had just finished reading the greatest series about love, drama and yes, vampires...but not the kind you think. For Edward, oh sweet Edward, he is not anything but glorious. Agreed? WOAH...I heard that resounding Amen! Ok, ladies, so here I am...mother of 3 magnificent babes, wife of 1 dream hubby, and I am driving to pick up my love-in-a-cup (aka St@rBux peppermint mocha-full fat, full whip, full pleasure!), I see it.

It's that thing that sent me back to my 6 year old self in the candy isle. At age 6, and at a few years older than 6, the same emotion of hardly being able to restrain myself took over.
Couldn't think...

couldn't speak...

could not focus...

hearing echos of everything...

And with that, I nearly drove my soccer-mom mini van- packed full of diapers, strollers, and half eaten muffins smushed into the floor- right on to the set of NEW MOON...filming in my blessed city. Right there. Before my eyes. Edward. Jacob. Bella...who cares about Bella...did I mention Edward?

Do you think it would be weird if I asked Edward to sign baby L's bottom? Hmmm, I might never again wash it though, and that could create some hygiene issues.

Just as I desperately wanted my mom to ask me if I wanted a treat from Pharmasave, (which for the record, she never did, and I stole a pack of Halls cough drops...but that's a story for another day), I just as desperately was waiting for Edward to see me, can Bella, and scream out that I was to play the new Bella because he loved me so much more. happened...yet...still waiting for his call...after leaving my number on the baseball I threw through his dressing room trailer window.

He'll call.

You'll see.


Mama4Real said...

You've got to be kidding me. YOU HAVE TO BE F-ING KIDDING ME. Did you actually take those pictures? Holy pooper batman... You big bitch. You just have to have one more thing to make me really go and DIE to be YOU.

I hate you.

(except that I don't.)

Anonymous said...

omgosh ... are you serious ???? .... that is freakin un-believable ... ! i know you were lik a kid in the candy aisle lol ! for true ! i havent even read the books ... and i fell in love with that movie lol ! cameron is SOOOOO going on daddy day care mode in FL in december .. so i can go and see that movie lol !

Smelly B said...

DIDO all of the above!!!!!!!! Right now... even after all those years I've yearned to be just like you -this time... well, this time... ARRRRRGGGGGHHH!!! I am so STINKIN jealous!!
Do you think you'd give up candy forever for that??? Hmmm...??? YUP!
p.s. you're WAY better than Bella :)

{Kimber} said...

in the words of Napoleon Dynamite-
edward looks smashing :)

ps...your blog rox!