Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My 2 cents

As mothers, we are constantly forced to cut corners, find shortcuts, and all together just ditch some things only to fit other things in...and the cycle continues...

My 2 cents on shortcuts and what CAN be ditched if it comes to that.

Ok, first, the 5 minute dinner, that is healthy AND yummy AND leaves your tummy feeling very full AND the kids LOVE and beg for....
When in a jam for time, I always make sure I have these ingredients in my cupboards:
  1. small round tortilla chips
  2. pre-shredded cheese (you can buy it like this, and it usually ends up being cheaper too...cause how many people REALLY like fighting with the cheese grater only to come out with a hand covered in Dora band-aids...what's that...it's only me? Oh, ok, then. Please send me your "Cheese grating for Dummies" book once you have it published.)
  3. beans (black, brown, green, purple, doesn't really matter.) Although, my babes prefer the brown in molasses.
  4. a head of lettuce (I would say a bag of pre-done green leaf salad, but I've heard nasty stuff about that, and I do prefer my veggies fresh, and it only takes 38.4 seconds to shred it into a bowl...I know, I've timed it.)
  5. salsa
  6. sour cream
Stick it all on top of each other, usually in that order, and in less than 5, ok, maybe 6 minutes, you have a seriously delish taco salad that the whole fam will be asking for over and over. Of course IF and WHEN you have time, there are a bazillion and one other additions to this, including a mean seasoned hamburger, chicken, or even salmon, nuts, lentils...you name it, you can pretty much throw it in.

And now, the second way to save time...don't shower. HA! Uuuum, I'm actually kind of serious. In my oh so humble opinion, showering is a HUGE time waster, and really really over rated. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for hygiene. But there is no need to fully shower oneself daily, unless of course you are a hot steamy fireman who NEEDS to wash off all that manly sweat that was worked up saving babies from fiery infernos all day. Then, by all means, crank that water out and clean off that perfectly chiseled 6 pack...oh, sorry, sidetracked...see, waste of time, showering that is...or thinking of showering...
My point is this. Need to go out to grab a jug o milk? Have greasy hair and a splotchy complexion? That's what hats are for m'dear! Well, that and hiding a 5 year old's hair cut gone wrong, but I think we already tackled that issue here. But for real, throw a hat on, over a pony or two cute pigtails, spray a heap load of Calgon's body midst all over ya, and PRESTO! No need to waste 3 hours in the salon. But I'm sure you already knew that. In fact, the next time I see you, I am gunna whip that hat off and see if you are taking my advice.

And thirdly...stop blogging, and pay attention to the screaming baby behind you who wants to go to bed. Oh, that's mine. Ok, I better get one of my 9 nannies on it.
Love and sleep to you all.
Oh. And be thinking of my friend Miranda this week. She was due three days ago, and if any of you have been overdue before, you know how it feels to gain 10 pounds every 24 hours as the sun seems to never set. Time for this momma to POP!!


Anonymous said...


aw thanks for thinking of me. Just looked at the clock only to have it scream at me 4DAYS OVER NOW!

I went to walmart tonight to do some ``laps`and waste some money. While praying the whole time that I would not bump into anyone as all my maternity shirts are too short now and my pants won`t stay up! UGH!!


Kelly said...

What's 'showering'???
So, I'm sure we never showered everyday BEFORE we had kids : ) Oops.. I forgot other people read this blog! haha.
Oh, and I'm adding one to your list - Ironing! Waste of time (mostly). And going to the bathroom ; )