Saturday, April 18, 2009

Cookies & Pirates

It's been a humbling place, here in my heart, in the last month+.

When I am reminded of how blessed I am by stories such as Stellan's or Audrey's or April's...I find I have little want to do anything but fall on my knees and praise my heart out to the One who is covering me.

I could tell you about the cookie that Princess B hid in her panties OVERNIGHT to save for "dessert after breakfast", or that Queen S has decided that Baby L is going to be a pirate because "all he ever says is -ARG-".

But then I insignificant in comparison, to a 5 month old fighting for his life. Now THAT'S something to write about.

As I was contemplating my triviality, I realized something.

I have seen days when the world is black around me, and life hangs in the balance and subsequently leaves...but not that day for me...This is my story. Cookies in panties is my story, on this day. Do I want my child to be fighting for his life, just so that I feel I have something worthy to write about? We all know the answer to that. How much would Mckmama give for today's largest decision to be deciding what Stellan's pirate name should be?

So, I tell you truth when I say, I am absolutely content with puke on my new shirt, a mess to sweep up under the craft table, a sadly-slightly burnt dinner, and a body that aches like it's 90 years old. Because at the end of the day, my babies are fast asleep in their own beds, with no machines beeping out their heart rate or O2 levels, with nothing but dreams of unicorns and candy mountain.

This is why my story is significant, why cookies and pirates are significant...because my precious babes are significant - to me, and to their Heavenly Father.

And that's worth writing about.




Phil and Jenn said...

AMEN! I couldn't agree with you more!

Anonymous said...

Becky~~~~~~~~~OMG!!!! There is not much that I read that really pulls at my heart my dear friend, you manage to do that for me. When I read your blogs I cry from laughter, I cry from love, and I cry from gratefulness! Your writing is the best and I enjoy reading it soooo much.

Anonymous said...

beckyboop-- I couldnt agree more .. i rather ache with pain from carrying my totally mommy velcro baby boy .... and have sloppy drool kisses all over my face ... and let him dream in slumber on top of my chest listening to our hearts beat together ... any day ...they are precious moments :) love you

Mama4Real said...

I go through that thought process at least once a month. "My life is not significant b/c we are taken care of", but what would life be like if the only stories we had to tell were ones of hardship and struggle? Those stories help build our faith and teach us how to support others, but the ones about the latest, greatest escapade from a 5 year old princess and her subjects, pirates or not, warm our hearts, make us smile, and give us something to laugh about.

THAT is significant.

I have to be careful to remember that there ARE people who have it far worse than I do, but that the Father cares about us equally, and when we hurt, He hurts.

I have a song in the works and one of the lyrics is "The tears I cry over these worthless things are like treasure in the palm of your hand." Something like that...:P

Jeniboo said...

This one left me all teary eyed. Because it is so true... I think about it every day: how blessed I am to have my own baby J be so perfect, healthy and growing right infront of my eyes every day.
Ur kids are ingenious, always! I love their imagination :-)