Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Day 2


When our girl opened her email that fateful day, she was blind to the knowledge that her life was about to be radically changed by one little advertisement. On the side bar of her inbox, flashed a bright green and pink blinkie that no one could ignore even if they tried. But, it wasn't the annoyingly vibrant colors that kept her attention, but rather what the large bold font was asking her.


Could there possibly BE "Moms just like her"? The hope that lit a fire inside her cold, dejected heart was soon quenched by a train of rational thoughts which bombarded in like unwelcome house guests.

"INTERNET people!" they screamed at her, "are not REAL people." And, "You never know if the 'mom' you will be talking to is actually a 65 year old certified wacknut living in a secluded cabin in the woods with nothing better to do." All those 20/20 stories about people not really being who they say they are, and taking advantage of their innocent prey...is that what she was bound to become, someones virtual spoil, her hope filled lifeless internet soul to be picked at by the lunatic vultures.

Too late..she clicked on the link.

Suddenly, dancing before her eyes, were visuals of mothers cuddling infants, mothers holding a toddlers finger as she attempted her first step, mothers feeding a child macaroni. MACARONI!! This might inDEED be where she belonged! She perused the page and saw several links to all sorts of "clubs" you could join. From the 'recipe' club, to the 'trying to conceive' club, the 'grief after loss' club, and the 'book of the month' club. She furrowed her eyebrows and searched for the 'Not a girl, not yet a woman/hates to cook and clean/wants a winter home in Maui' club, but alas, all she found that was anything close to something she identified with was the 'Due in July' club. Guess that would have to do. Surely, it would be no more than a bunch of newly knocked up, hormone filled, morning sick, exhausted women, all wanting to vent and moan. Yes, perhaps she would fit in nicely here. And she clicked the link.

*Announcer's voice*
Will our girl possibly find a group she can identify with, or will they indeed turn out to be a bunch of 65 year old hermit men posing as pregnant women for a thrill ride? Stay tuned for Day 3, coming tomorrow to a blog near you.



Anonymous said...

uve def. got me hooked ! lol ! DID YOU SEE YOU WON MY CONTEST !!!! U had the most RIght ! LOVE YA LOTS

Amanda said...

LOL that picture sure does discribe someones worse fears lol...Love ya