Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Straight Up

No, I'm not talking about how I would like my drink. Although.... ;)

Some days are chock full of NMM material that do nothing but leave me in tears from laughing so hard. And then there are the other days that also have their fair share of NMM's, but they just leave me in tears.

Yesterday was a crying day. I thought several times about blogging up a NMM post, but could hardly bring myself to see the humor in my moments, so rather, opted to do something that required little to no brain power whatsoever ~ catch up on my Desperate Housewives. It was a good one.

When I finally laid my aching, tired body in bed, after a day I'd rather wipe off the map of life, that had been preceded by a night full of screaming babies....I thought about a few little insignificant moments in the last 48 hours...and began to laugh. Yeah, all by myself, the nutjob that I am, began wheezing hysterically and convulsing under the sheets as I remembered the little things.

Like how I didn't even realize that I had made Queen S's PBJ sandwich with 3 pieces of bread, (having no sleep and screaming sick babies will make you do a plethora of abnormal activities, as you are probably well aware of by now) and how when I laid the masterpiece in front of her, her eyes lit up as she stated, "I musta done something really good, huh mom, to get THREE whole pieces of bread." All I could think of was little Oli Twist... "Please, sir, I want some more." Did my child honestly think that that is how I reward her for good behaviour? With bread? (Would be cheaper than Smarties or Kinder Eggs...hmmm, maybe we can work that in...)

Or like when the girls were showing me their sticker books (read: Momma is half asleep, sitting on the couch, randomly nodding and saying "uh huh, uh huh" every few seconds to the non stop chatterings) and suddenly, the air becomes holy as Queen S states, "THIS is my favorite one....HE WHORE." My eyebrows furrowed...did I just hear that right? I ask, "Who's your favorite hunny?" She gravely replies, "He Whore, Mom, Pooh's donkey." Right. Eyore. Ok, yeah, I can see how you might think he's a 'he whore'.

I also thought about how my eyes were burning from being open for so long, and my head was pounding louder than an entire construction site, and when I went to grab 2 tylenols, I actually popped 2 gravols, mid day. I could hardly fight the sleep as an unmedicated person. Well, after 2 gravols, no WAY could those lids stay up. Good thing it was baby's nap time, and lucky girls musta been extra good again, cause they now get an exceptionally long movie time! (Maybe I should give them a piece of bread each for a movie-time snack..they might just think they are in Heaven.)

Let's be honest. Some days just suck. Children don't come with manuals, mute buttons, or a maid that cleans up after them. (Unless you count me.) And the sun doesn't refuse to come up just because it knows you have yet to close your eyes. Our best friends most often live miles, countries, even continents away. This is an unfair place plenty of the time. So what do you do? Well, my advice would be pop 2 more gravol...this time at night...and be thanking the Big Man in the sky that His mercies are new every morning. (I often claim those at 12:01 am..cause I am usually awake, and usually in need of a whole lotta mercy!)



Danielle said...

I absolutely love this....Hope your day is getting better. Love ya

Renee said...

I could take one straight up myself! Feel for you, we have all been there, seems like the more kiddos we have the more often it happens! I too have been sleepy during the day, and taking a benedril (sp) for the m/s on the bad days, how on earth are we going to try to stay awake as sleepy as we are and taking meds that make it worse! Hum, I wonder if my kids would see bread as a treat! that is a good trick.

Kelly Scarlett said...

Guess what I did last night??? I downed some children's phenergon (equivalent to your kid's gravol) in aid of sleeeeeeep. On purpose though I might add! The guilt of perhaps NOT waking up if Maya did AGAIN could not stop me. And when I drank it, I was thinking of you :) Your blog made me feel soooo much better.
Ahhhh, I heart you x

Anonymous said...

So many times, I reach for the Ambien instead of the wellbutrin... and that stuff is deadly...I would pass out walking if I took it... and then what would happen to my kids? Well, I might wake up without any. Hmmmm... considering my options.... ;) jp

Jacalyn said...

Haha, I have to lock up the bread in the snack cubbard because my kids seem to think it's a snack too and if left out the whole loaf is gone in a day. That and the bagels, the oatmeal, the cereal... Geez, you'd think I starve them or something. ;]

krystal said...

hahahahaha, he whore. hahahaha. thanks for the laugh, came back from a looong trip to abbotsford for the weekend, with an uber cranky/sick/teething boog, and i needed a laugh!

Anonymous said...

"He-whore?"...My sides hurt from laughing....now your dad wants to know what's so funny...I wonder if he'll get it?