Monday, January 5, 2009

The NMM grind...only from the best quality beans.


Well, first of all, I am not writing this still in my jammas even though it's nearly 4 in the afternoon. Oh, and baby L and Princess B have DEFINITELY been dressed today as well, and are not playing behind me in their jammas. And even if they were in their jammas, I certainly have BIG plans to change them into new ones before putting them back down for the night. Cause we all know that sleeping in one pair, then living all day in them, then sleeping in them for a second night is most assuredly something I, as an awesomely awesome mother, would never even dream of doing. Not me!

I did not give in to my Princess's pleas and let her have 2 giant marshmallows on her breakfast toast this morning b/c I was too tired to argue from a long night of musical bedrooms with sick children. And I definitely put the bag away in the proper high up cupboard after giving them to her, so there's no way I found her locked in the bathroom, mouth stuffed full of marshmallows 15 minutes later.

Speaking of food, since I am the most healthy, organic loving, crunchy momma on earth, you would never catch me downing a coke before 8:30 am in hopes that the caffeine/sugar combo would give me a better boost that just a regular coffee. I don't recommend this. The crash is inevitable. Not that I would know. Just speculation.

When we took baby L to the dr for what ended up being a double ear infection, I was not embarrassed even in the slightest when the dr had to use a metal tool to get all the earwax out of his ears before he could even assess the situation. In both ears. Wads of wax. How does that happen? I certainly did not feel like I had created an unhygienic trailer park baby, even if it was just b/c of the infection. Not me!

Upon arrival back to our home after a week at Grandma's, I did not briskly walk to the fish tank and have a sense of relief when I saw our un-named beta floating sideways, not moving. And then was not equally perturbed when he suddenly began to swim again. With all these death defying acts, I'm thinking a good name for him might be Jesus.

I do not drink cherry kool-aid from a wine glass to feel more sophisticated. I was not horrified when Queen S "show & tell"-ed this fact at school, especially because it sounded more like this,
"My mommy drinks wine all day long. Even at breakfast."


Jillanna said...

Now what could be wrong with drinking wine all day? We actually taught Emiko at Christmas that the sparkling apple juice was called wine! And for the record, even though I know you would NEVER do it, I drink juice out of specialty glasses all the time!

Richelle said...

awww becky! even though i feel very bad for you and laughed through this whole thing.. then i read it to shallon and was practically crying! haha. not at your expense, just at the fact that your life seems to be scary similar to a sitcom or reality tv! just tell uncle g to tape you guys.. that would make heaps of moola! haha. I love it. Just know that i haven't laughed like that in a long time.. and it was nice. so thanks! (so at least you're bringing ME joy :)

Anonymous said...

The fishes name is Lazarus!


NeverEndingDreamer said...

hahah.... good lord your hilarious.... i think i may do this starting next monday...haha... i seriously think its freakin' hilarious!!! xx love you....


NeverEndingDreamer said...

lol... ps.
Lazarus is perfect!

Anonymous said...

I love it!

Anonymous said...

TOOOOOO funny!


shallon said...

my favorite part was definitely the ending.. i agree that everything tastes better in a wine glass, champagne flute or martini glass.. u just feel that much more fabulous! and i love that the random events gone awry in your life are starting to become one of those "of course this is happening" moments.
i think you should try to get a weekly column in some newspaper.. the next sex and the city only we'd have to think of a more fitting name.
then you can write some best sellers!
and ps - i can confirm the laughter had after we read this blog.. richelle almost rolled off her bed