Monday, January 12, 2009


Because, of course, I only let books like "How to Make a Perfect Stew" and "How to Quilt for 24 Hours Straight and Not Lose Feeling in Your Fingers", in my house, there's no chance that I could have caught my daughters reading trashy celebrity gossip magazines. If by chance, they somehow ended up in my house, I would have to plead the 5th and say that I have no clue who would buy such junk.


Because I am all for teaching practical life lessons, I thought it would be a fantastic idea to let Princess B help with the waffle making.And it was a great experience, especially since I didn't exhaust my voice saying, "Hands AWAY from the waffle iron, it's HOT!" After the thousandth reminder, I certainly did not turn to grab some flour, when I hear a shrieking cry and this being the result:


I did not let my child turn into a raisin in the tub while I finished reading about Edward and Bella.


I do not feed my children junk...see? 66 % REAL fruit juice! It even says NATURAL! I KNOW!!


I always dress my kids in their clothes to play downstairs. I would never let them just romp around in their swimsuits. That's unladylike. You never know when the queen may stop in.


I do not place my hair on my son's head pretending he's a girl...or at least that he's got hair. Nope, would never.


And finally, I do not miss my 6 month baby belly.


Because, look!! I still HAVE a 6 month baby belly!!



Amy said...


hahahah love the photos ... !!!!! xoxox ....

these NMM are so much fun ! haha

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness you are so funny! Levi would look stunning in a toupee! And the second 6th month pic looks heavery somehow??

I too have that same six month baby bump! But I bet yours is heavier.

NeverEndingDreamer said...

haha.... awesome pics.
goodness me tho, who reads those magazines? I surely don't, i've never even accidently had them laying around my home and especially not in my bathroom next to our daily bread. --
seriously....poor bbbrrrreeeeeeee.... that looks owie. and omg... the wrinkled foot is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too funny...lmao.... That prego shot of you is stunning are so flippin gorgeous!! lovers YOU!