Wednesday, January 14, 2009

WW and a sooper dooper contest

(I really need to change "Wordless Wednesday" to "Minimal Word Wednesday". Hmm. Just doesn't quite have the same ring. I'll have to do some research for suggestions. )

Over-stimulation much?


The succession of two girls who have possibly already chosen career paths. Can you tell which one has chosen "Diva"?




Apparently, someone in our house seems to think Hannah Montana would make a good shrink to Sleeping beauty. A child psychologist would have a hay day with this, I'm sure.


And finally, it's time again for "NAME THAT PHOTO" !!
It will work the same way as last time, where after one (1) week, I will post the top three (3) picks as chosen by my outsourced Philippino (Filipino) photo caption intelligence board. Then it's all up to you to vote for your favorite one (1). The weener will be gifted with a special prize selected my none other that the producer of this blog, that would be me.

Ok, so here's the pic...CAPTION AWAY my fine chocoalte coated friends...



DAnielle said...

Photo Caption: S says: I heard this is what mommy did.The further you push it out the bigger the baby gets. B says: I bet mine is bigger.

Amy said...

Short, simple and sweet ... here it is :

Ah B the joys of mommyhood... :) Well S- how long do we have to stand here to feel the joy ?


Monkey(s) See, Monkey(s) Do


daddy G says -- what in the world are you girls up to ?

B&S say- Mommy did it first

We get blamed for everything.

marie said...

B-"you're right, S...a ladybug does tickle!"


Oh no...those popcorn seeds we ate finally popped!

Renee said...

Everyones Dream to be pg with their Sister- A little young though, don't you think?

smelly bandaras said...

The game was charades... the word was "MOM". (or maybe it was "INSANITY" and you have fast learners teehee)

Amanda said...

mom always told us not to swallow the watermelon seeds or we would grow a watermelon in our belly!

caseylynne said...

B to S "Keep pushing S, and arch your back more. We are almost as big as mommy was when L was in her tummy."

S whines to B "how much longer? my back is hurting"

B to S "mommy did it for years....."

krystal said...

B; do ya think mommy and daddy g will get the hint that we want another baby sister?
S; i think so. Put your back into it B!
B: ya know, just to make sure, we should get rid of mommy's baby-proofing vitamins. those ones in the little package that she takes once a day?
S: Sweet! Mommy'll be sportin' a bump on lock in no time!