Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Day 11

My husband has left me.

Ok, well, only for 24 hours...but sucks not having him here.

If you are a lady who has a hubby who's in a line of work that requires consistent travel or even large chunks of time away, like the military...I honestly stand with my jaw on the ground in awe of you.

It's not only the little things, like that he always loads the dishwasher and runs it before bed. Or that he puts the lid back on the toothpaste. Or that he knows how to all the seasons of Dex.

And it's not even just the big things, like that he walks the girls to school EVERY morning, so that I don't have to get 4 babes ready in the morning, but rather can take my time with the boys. Or that he massages my back/feet/shoulders every single night. Or that he teaches our children about the Kingdom of God, and how He wants us to live on this planet.

It is all of that, but mostly it's just this:

His presence.

It changes the atmosphere of this home when he walks through the front door. There's a deeper love, a deeper hope, a deeper faith, and it feels warm and cozy, like hot chocolate infront of a fire while it snows outside. The kids laugh more, and show off for him. And even after nearly 9 years of marriage, I still check myself in the mirror before he comes home to make sure I look pretty for him. (Although he thinks I'm pretty even first thing in the morning...I blame that on the fact that he doesn't have his contacts in yet. Bonus for me. :P)

So, yes, there may be cilantro all over the counter when he's here, but if that's the price of having the presence of the most amazing man snuggling up to me as we watch, I mean The Shield, it's worth every green leaf. In fact, I may just leave the toilet seat up tonight, so it's like he's really still here. ;)



The Yee's said...

I feel for you! My man's been gone since Sunday and won't be back till Saturday. The kids miss him like crazy and even though we manage a little skype time everyday, it's just not the same without him around! Hang in there!!!

Stacie said...

I love this! I am already missing my hubby as he leaves on Monday and doesn't return til May 3rd :( I will be spending A LOT of time with my Mommie.

Anonymous said...

Oh yah, one thought comes to mind... sucks with a capital "UCKS" (I believe you are the first and last person I have heard use that saying btw... and I have used it regularly the last 2 weeks). Anyhow... Even though I DO get being away from my man, I don't know what it's like to be alone with 4 kids! So, hang in there ; ) Oh annnnnd I'm so glad that G turned out to be such a good hubby considering my name's on that wedding certificate!!! ; )

Mama4Real said...

Sweet words. I totally relate. Thankfully he doesn't have to travel a lot, but he WORKS a lot and especially during the holy holidays (or holy-hell week as he affectionately refers to it), it's tough without him around. I too am glad that things are so good between you guys. Does my heart good :)