Thursday, April 7, 2011

Day 5

I am CONVINCED there must be little, not like the Roloff family...but like teeny people, like leprechauns or fairies or something reeking havoc in my home today.

Because I know that I'd NEVER lose my purse...3 times...within 15 minutes. I know I didn't put it by the baby car seat. But, wonder of wonders, there it is, by the baby car seat.

And I know that I turned the stove burner on to boil the pot of water, but alas, when I go to dump the box of kraft mean 100% organic soy beans... in it, it's as cold as the arctic and the burner is off.

And seriously, who wears their slippers to drop off their kids to school? Oh, you do? Well do you go into starbucks after, still wearing them, forgetting you're wearing them, and thinking you obviously must look more fabulous than you feel because EVERYONE is staring at you? Apparently I do, even though I was sure that I put my mom runners...I mean Jimmy Choos on this morning.

And finally, the rock solid proof that there's some mischievous little beings up to no good was when I was driving to pick UP the girls from school, and while sitting at a red light, was surprisingly joined in the front seat by a very pleased 2 year old. There's NO way he knows how to undo his buckle. Heck, his Grammas can't even undo his buckle. Which leaves one very scary realization. The leprechauns escaped out of my house and into my van and undid his seatbelt. And I would hate to tell you that they did it TWICE today. This has NEVER happened before.

So if anyone has a cure for leprechauns, fairies, or baby brain....please email me. And when I don't reply, don't take it personally. I just probably forgot why you wrote me.




JillannaJoy said...

haha oh the things I have to look forward to :)

Julie said...

My leprachauns were awful about car seat things too. One time I turned a corner and at that moment, they undid the seatbelt that was buckling the carrier, and it flipped over on it's side, Salem in it! I swear those things should be caught, strung up by their toenails and flogged with toothpicks.