Monday, April 4, 2011

Day 2

Two things on my mind today. come I keep getting wiffs of something that smells like burnt plastic?
My first thought was that Daddy G maybe was using the stove this morning and left a burner on with our plastic colander on, not that that's ever happened before. (Thank goodness for 2.99 replacements at Ikea.) But alas, no stove was on. Then I thought maybe something was resting on our floor heater, I did notice my wool slipper sox laying on it yesterday...maybe wool melts? Nah, nothing on the heater. Maybe my glue gun is on somewhere slowly letting out tiny bits of melted glue that over time has created a mile high plasti-mountain. Nope. Glue gun's off.

Now are you ready for the big reveal of what the mystery smell is?

Yeah, me too.

Sorry, I still don't know. It's driving me nuts.
So anti-climactic.

Second...I love grammas. In the last 3 weeks, both grammas have made visits to our home, and the joy and craziness of the kids just melts my heart.
Maybe that's what's melting....sorry, sidetracked.
Here's a couple pics of baby K with the grammas.

King Daddy G's momma:

My momma:


That's about it for today...

edited to add: JACKPOT!!! Found the plastic culprit!! Mr. ducky has seen better days. I rescued him halfway through his cremation INSIDE the heater!




Mama4Real said...

Aaaaaaaaaahahahah!!! That's so funny. Happens to me frequently. Recently, every time I walked down the hallway, I smelled something burning, but I couldn't figure out what it was. Finally it dawned on me. Here in TX they have wall heaters built into the bathrooms... they're weird looking, i'll have to send you a picture. Anyway, at night sometimes we turn those on and turn the main heat off, so just our rooms are warm. The one in Ironman's bathroom is directly behind the door. The wooden door. So the heater had been left on ALL DAY, and if I'd left it any longer, we probably would have had a fire on our hands. There is a large circle on the door that is CONSIDERABLY darker than the rest of the door. Oops.

Miranda said...

I was going to suggest the dishwasher. One time a sippy cup fell on the thingy inside house was filling with smoke and that plasic smell. ummm and embarassed to say we called 911. To have them come open my dishwasher LOL