Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Day 3


Kay, what on earth??
Canadians are known for their politeness.
Well then, I musta crossed the boarder for our lunch at McDonalds today...

I know that if I saw a mother with a preschooler running circles around her legs while she was carrying a heavy baby carseat on one arm and balancing a very lopsided meal tray packed with drinks and mc-nuggies and possibly a mc-cinnamon-bun thingy on the other, I would SURELY open the door to the play place for her. Cause that's what people do. Right? Well, Canadian nice polite people...right?

I was appalled today when the above mentioned lady was myself and I literally made EYE CONTACT and smiles to more than a few MOTHERS sitting inside the playplace, and not one even flinched to move to open the door for me! One lady looked right at me, assessed the situation with her eyes, and then went right back to the (musta been very important) newspaper she was browsing!


So, I'd like to take this moment to apologize to myself on the behalf of those selfish and unhelpful ladies for acting truly UN-Canadian! And Un-mothers-helping-mothers-ly. Rude. Have I mentioned appalled?

Ok, I forgive you. But if there happens to be mini ketchup packets smushed onto the front windshield of your minivan...it wasn't me.



Mama4Real said...

I bet they were America, but SO not from the south.

The Yee's said...

I think people are less "nice" than they used to be. I went to the post office the other day with two packages and there was a group a few feet away from me who walked through the door and let it close. I had to reajust my packages to open the door at which point they all turned and looked at me, snickered and kept on walking! NICE!

Anonymous said...

I woulda opened the door AND help you get settled! (NO KIDDING!)

Ashley said...

Okay, that's it. You'll just have to move to the south where we're known for our politeness and good 'ol southern manners!