Friday, April 8, 2011

Day 6

April 8th is a great day. Can you guess why?

I know you're thinking it's because on this day in 1893, the first recorded college basketball game occured in Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania.

You're so smart, but not what I'm thinking about.

What's that? It's a great day because in 1911, Dutch physicist Heike Kamerlingh Onnes discovered superconductivity? Uh, yeah, that was pretty cool...but believe it or not, I know something even COOLER that happened on this day.

Oooohhhh, cause in 1873, Japan began celebrating Buddha's birthday on this day?


Um, No.


You are getting warmer.

Someone WAS born this day who in my humble, yet always right opinion, is much MUCH more awesome, and certainly better looking, than Buddha.

Ahhh, wasn't that fun.

My Julia Goolia has been on this planet now for 3-0 years today!!
She lives way far away from me now, in another country in fact, (Thanks a lot hubby of Julia Goolia! ;) ) which makes my heart sad. And I REALLY wish I could be with her today and celebrate big and party hard...well, not too hard, we don't want her fragile 30 year old bones to crack...gotta be taking that Caltrate now!

My love, it's been a pleasure watching you "grow up". Well, kind of. Who am I kidding. We'll never grow up. Well, then, it's been a pleasure being on the planet 30 years with you and always acting like we're 15 together. Archery pit forever. :P

In honor of your big milestone, I whipped this up in between loads of laundry this morning.
The post office said they couldn't mail it though, so I guess I'll just have to eat it all myself. Think of all those calories I am sacrificially taking on myself rather than giving to you. That's right, happy birthday, from your most selfless friend.

Have a very special day, and get ready... because the best year of your life thus far has begun today!

Heaps of love darlin!


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Julie said...

AH! NOW I see it :) I WISH I were getting a surprise present and you were flying to TX complete w/ baby to see me. But I'll take this instead, and I'll definitely eat some cake with you--from long distance. :) LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU. Thank for being you always. The thing I love about being with you is that we don't just sit around a remember the old times. We make new memories too. That is really valuable to me. I'll never forget our drive across the border. :)