Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Day 4

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Love others as yourself.

Is that really possible?

Well, today I think I was given a key as to how to begin to do this.

I think before you can love others as yourself, you need to SEE others as you see yourself.

Today, I was stopped at a red light, and I looked at each single face that walked across the crosswalk, in front of my van.
It struck me that God loves each single one of those as much as He loves me. That lady with the hat that does NOT match her jacket and glasses that are WAY too big, and pants that are at least an inch too short even to be called flood pants...the one that would be easy to make fun of or even just dismiss....she is loved and wanted desperately by our Heavenly Father just as I am.

EXACTLY as I am.

It's not that I'm self centered and think, "Wow, how could God love someone as much as He loves me? Cause I'm so awesome." ;)

See, I grew up singing Jesus loves me, this I know, for the Bible tells me so. And something happened in me from a very young age..I actually believed it. And still do. I DO believe I am His favorite. And in the same breath, I believe that every single person who has lived and who will live, is also His very favorite. Each one is His craftmanship. His design. His pride.

THAT makes me want to KNOW every single person!!

Because I REALLY want to know God.

I think once we see others how HE sees them, it will be only natural to love them and serve them as you would for yourself.
It's a revelation hard to put into words really, but I know that it changed something in me today. And the world suddenly looks a whole lot brighter. Since it's full of HIS artwork, in the form of all of us.

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Julie said...

That's really good. That's gonna help w/ my whole judgemental/humility thing. Yay!

Julie said...

It's Julie P btw. I'm logged in weird or somethign.

Anonymous said...

Wow... thank you for making me think of other people in that way. Something I definitely needed to be reminded of :)