Monday, April 11, 2011

Day 9

We have these trees that go up our street.

They are called Sakura trees.

Or as you may know them...Cherry Blossom trees.


Our city has a Cherry Blossom Festival every year, and all of these trees in full bloom are incredible looking. When you are walking within their veil, it's as if you are in some fairytale land and you'd almost expect a unicorn being led by several winged pixies to pass you by.


For the past week, I've driven down our street, noticing these trees rich in bloom, and filing a mental note to take my camera the next time I leave the house to get some pictures.

And then I forget.

And another day goes by.

But the thing about Cherry Blossom trees is that it takes about one week for them to go from gnarly winter branches to in full bloom...and then within one more week, the blossoms begin to fall and cover the ground with a pale pink snow, until those trees are back to their gnarly branches once more.

So I can't keep "waiting one more day", or they'll be gone.

On my drive home today from being out with the boys, I noticed the trees again, and I also noticed this:


The pink snow had begun.

I was filled with a panic. I knew I needed to go grab my camera RIGHT then, but what those 3 minutes it took me to do so, a mighty wind came and blew every last petal off?!?! Why didn't I do this days ago?! I had all these glorious days of full bloom and I took them for granted, thinking they'd be here forever...or at least one more day.

You know where this is heading don't you.

It brought to mind all the petals in my life. You know, those people who surround you, that make your life beautiful and even at times, fairytale-ish.

Those ones that no matter if they live in your town or a million zillion miles away, will always be there for you, just as you will for them.

Those special ones who fill your heart up so much, you just can't help but exclaim "I love you"s over and over...well, you will exclaim those' i love you's...

...cause there's no time in the day today...

...but tomorrow, you certainly will tell them you love them.

...Cause you really really do...and they should hear it from you.

Tomorrow...for sure.

Let's do it today, ok?

Cause like the Cherry Blossom Trees...there's no telling when that mighty wind may come and sweep our precious petals on.





The Yee's said...

Love ya! Thanks for these great posts!

smellyb said...

LOVE! Ok, so next move... I want cherry blossom trees in MY street! And snow! ... and maybe the Campbell-clan as neighbours?? Heck... I might just move to Canada!! *sigh*

All that to say... you are brilliant! Mwah!

Stacie said...

You have this way of making me think! haha! I love it! Great post.

And I do the same thing every year, forget (or just get lazy) to take pictures of these gorgeous amazing trees! That's why I got some family photo's done with them in the background and they turned out wonderfully! But I should definitely capture some of my own images.

Mama4Real said...

Great post! I love the pics too. We have a tree that blossoms in our front yard and it's REALLY pretty but it SMELLS like... well, I won't tell you what it smells like, but it's gross.